Reviews: seanhwaite7101

Hotel Ocean Imperium

Natal, Brazil

This place is frustrating. If you want just a nice hotel to relax at, and your cool with spending some cash, its a good spot. But, its in the middle of nowhere and no taxi knows where it is. So, they call taxis for you, and they have some weird kick back system were they tell you how much your taxi will cost ahead of time and then you pay them - as in they wont just call you a cab and let you negotiate with the driver. Ultimately, they got you stuck and they squeeze the dough out of ya.

Media Veronica Hostel

Pipa, Brazil

The bees knees, the dudes that run this joint are amazing folk, definitely recommend.

HI Manaira

Joao Pessoa, Brazil

Pretty good local, very clean, very comfortable.

Republika Hostel

Natal, Brazil

This place is the jam. Anderson is super accommodating , and knows what's what. They hooked up airport transfers, always knew where the party was going to be, connected for activities. Stay here.