Reviews: Anonymous

Age: 66

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

A serviceable hostel that is in a great location in Copenhagen.

Porto Lounge Hostel

Porto, Portugal

A lovely, clean hostel that is centrally located in Porto. Great breakfast too! I reckon a hot tub/plunge pool (on the terrace) and daily evening meal (for 8-10 Euros) would be a great addition to this hostel!

Sweet & Cheap

Split, Croatia

Very hard to find! They need a sign on the front of the building! The rooms need locked storage. The kitchen needs turning into a proper kitchen with the other half of that room with sofas or a big table etc so people can meet. That's what Hostelling is all about!

Hostel pod Voglom

Bohinj, Slovenia

Very much an outdoors centre hostel. Not great for meeting people as most people there were in groups as part of an activities programme. Lovely location though.

Home Made House/Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

A lovely hostel, run by the brilliant Lina! Great location and lovely large top floor room!


Not a great deal of atmosphere...more just a place to sleep. Really clean with ample room, great beds and secure lock boxes for your things. :D

Budapest Bubble

Budapest, Hungary

A truly fantastic hostel! I loved every moment at the Bubble. From stepping through the door, I was greeted by the amazing Olga and felt like I was staying with friends rather than a hostel full of strangers. The atmosphere and friendliness of this place is just brilliant. Olga is one special person who makes EVERYONE feel welcome and part of the group; offering to show and take part in the great nightlife Budapest has to offer and she really makes this place what it is. Highly recommended!

Lisbon Lounge Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

A truly fantastic hostel! The free activities are brilliant and the food, cooked by the awesome Pedro, are restaurant quality! He kindly offered me some of the vegetarian leftovers. I just expected a lump of pasta to be put on my plate, but no...he lovingly crafted it with olive oil, balsamic, herbs and chopped cherry tomatoes as if his life depended on it! This hostel is truly fantastic! Thank you!

Old Town Hostel

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Nice hostel, thanks mainly to Mike (the owner) who runs this place...a fun loving, laidback guy, who's well-travelled and is keen for everyone to be comfortable and enjoy their stay. Recommended!


Erm, tough one. I didn't mind the hostel, but it's a bit of a 'try hard' place - thinks it's cool and hip when really it's just a noisy bar and beds. Ask for a room higher up if you want to sleep. I had to laugh when the guy at reception told me, "I gotta warn you, you won't get any sleep here!" Basically, this hostel is like one of those people that says, "I'm kerrazy!" when actually it's just annoying.