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Dar Scotlandee

Chefchaouen, Morocco

The owners are very friendly and helpful, the blankets are warm and the shower's hot, which is all I ask of a hostel. It is a bit of a walk from the medina, but on the other hand it's very close to the hiking path, and there are always taxis to get you home quick!


Marquette House had in principle everything you need in a hostel, and they even give you free towels! But somehow the atmosphere is not very inviting and doesn't promote meeting people. Also the wireless connection is very weak or nonexistant.


Very warm and helpful staff and welcoming atmosphere - I was happy as soon as I walked in! There are loads of comfy couches to chill out in and they make yummy cheap food on site. The rooms were often unlocked, but I was never worried about my stuff.

Camping Fabulous

Rome, Italy

a bit out of the way, but accessible by bus and metro. very nice atmosphere