Reviews: blockfort

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 40

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A good option if you want to stay in the very center of Amsterdam. Very nice staff, great building security. The bathrooms were a bit icky, but with the volume of guests they have it's probably hard to keep up. WiFi works but the range is limited, and there are not a lot of places to sit and charge while browsing. But then again, it's Amsterdam, go outside.


Hmm, well, it's hard to leave a negative review for a place that served it's function, but compared to the hostels I have been to in europe that had similar or lower price for the rooms, this place was pretty bad. The staff was slow (maybe it's their computer system though), and would sometimes be working on the computer while i was waiting for them to help me with something. The rooms weren't fancy or even nice, but they had beds to sleep in and bathrooms to use.

Rivoli Cinema Hostel

Porto, Portugal

No customer comment

Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

The dinner was great, as was the (brazilian?) chef, a cute and energetic girl who I never learned the name of, and Liv at the desk was also great, nice, and helpful.

Hostel DownTown

Prague, Czech Republic

Perfect location, but only one slowly working computer, a horrible sewer stench everywhere from the bathroom drains, and barely warm showers with 10 second timer buttons. It does the job, but was not nearly as enjoyable as it could easily be.

Maverick Hostel & Ensuites

Budapest, Hungary

The most beautiful hostel I've ever been in, huge rooms, good computer and lounge, perfect location, great staff, safe, comfortable, and superclean. I put 100% for fun, which it has been, but it is not a frat/party hostel, thank goodness.

Manga hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

I think this is the first time I have given all 100% marks to a hostel, and I've been traveling through europe for 57 days straight. Nothing to complain about at all.


Basically a giant frat house college dorm. They have 300 beds and two working computers in the lobby, which had to be reset every hour or so because the connection would fail. Often there was an hour wait. The free breakfast is big, but not very good. It is a bit of a walk from a metro, and far from the main part of town. If you just want to have a big social festival in the hostel, i\'ts ok, but if you like small, quiet, friendly convenience, look

Backpackers BCN

Barcelona, Spain

modern clean new rooms and furniture. good internet, friendly workers, small and intimate.