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Granada, Spain

The town has narrow streets so beware if your car is very wide. The owner seemed awesome and could speak at least Spanish, German and English. Awesome facilities: nice kitchen, patio, etc. Maybe could do with another bathroom. He sells food cheaply in the hostel. You can enjoy nice drives round there.

A&O Prague Metro Strizkov

Prague, Czech Republic

I stayed here on and off for about a month. Many of the nights I was paying 8 € and many times I was the only one in the room. Given, it is far away from the centre but it is near the metro line and a bus stop. There are loads of supermarkets in the area as well as a very nice, modern park. The kitchen facilities could do with changing: the fridge remains rather small and the stove doesn't work very well. They also have a weird sheet situation going on. NIce lockers. and normally two bathrooms.

Chili Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Contrary to what other users are putting here, I actually liked the staff. They were helpful and friendly. This hostel is central and cheap but it has many drawbacks: The rooms are very old. Also, no lift. It's next to a church and the bells go off ever 15 minutes even during the night. The kitchen and dining room are spacious. 4 PCs that can sometimes work rather slowly. At this time of year it may be overbooked.

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Hello Julian, thank you for your feedback. Hostel is in historic building in historic part of Prague, it is not possible to build a lift. Best regards hostel Chili

Hatters at Hilton Chambers

Manchester, England

Apart from having my brolly possibly stolen, everything seemed ok here. There were lots of Spaniards in the hostel. The night was rather hot; they could have given you a sheet rather than a blanket. This remains the only hostel I have been to that makes the bed for you. It took only 15 minutes to find the hostel from Piccadilly RS. There was quite a lot of food at breakfast.

Green Nest Hostel Uba Aterpetxea

San Sebastian, Spain

Everything good. Expensive for Spain but maybe it is because it's in the Basque Country. No free breakfast. Nice views.

Ethic Etapes Hostel

Brest, France

No complaints. Nice, early breakfast.

Éthic étapes Patrick Varangot

Saint Malo, France

Beautiful town. No complaints. Good breakfast.

Sabine House

Paris, France

Really nice host who could speak good English. Gave me a good breakfast with what I suppose was her family. Really pleasant experience.

Gite d'Etape de Han sur Lesse

Han sur Lesse, Belgium

Beautiful caves in this place. The village is small so the hostel was near everything.


Nice place. Beautiful area.

Die Wohngemeinschaft

Cologne, Germany

Nice place. Great staff. Secure.


Dusseldorf, Germany

Nice place. Great staff.

Bed´nBudget Hostel Hannover

Hannover, Germany

Next to a tram station. Everything good.

2A Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Great staff. Nice ensuite bathroom. Hi-tech lockers.

Hostel Unschlagbar

Leipzig, Germany

Check in times are a bit restrictive. 17:00 to 20:00.


Dresden, Germany

Nice place. Nothing to complain about.

Hostel ELF

Prague, Czech Republic

I met really nice people here. Everything good. A bit far from the centre.

Freddie next to Mercury

Bratislava, Slovakia

Only stayed here one night. Kitchenette. Cheap supermarkets nearby.

A&T Holiday Hostel Wien

Vienna, Austria

Nice room with ensuite bathroom. 5 minutes away from the metro. I tried to use the washing machine and I waited too long: the machine swallowed the 2 euros I put in. I told a dark-skinned receptionist and he told me that he had given me clear instructions on how to use the machine offering me no solution. As a customer, I am always right...even if I am incompetent you can't say that to me. Apart from this, he seemed to be a very competent professional but this condescending attitude must end.

Muffin Hostel

Salzburg, Austria

Nothing to complain about. They gave me a free muffin.

Youthhostel Schaan-Vaduz

Schaan, Liechtenstein

Good hostel but the prices are high (because of the country). You have to pay for the parking.

Ostello Villa Olmo

Como, Italy

Parking. 10-minute walk from the centre of Como. Good restaurant with decent prices.

European Rooms

Parma, Italy

Nice room, maybe with a little noise during the day but quiet at night. Great staff. Very welcoming.


Nice view of all the city. Far from the centre, but the bus stops on the doorstep.


Had a restaurant. Nice outing options.

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Dear guest, thank you for your stay and for your review. We are glad that you were happy with your visit and we hope to see you next time! Your Villa Team

Auberge Bagatelle

Avignon, France

Had a shop in the premises. Next to the river. A 10-minute walk to the centre.

Ethic Etape-CIS-Narbonne

Narbonne, France

Really near a beautiful church in the centre. No complaints.

Equity Point Girona

Girona, Spain

Central hostel. Nice room. My room had a nice ensuite bathroom.

Hostel Pisa Tower

Pisa, Italy

Nice people working here. Very near the tower.

My Friends

Florence, Italy

Really friendly staff working here. They bring you breakfast on a tray in the morning. Easy to find. Near the railway station. Nice showers.

Mosaic Hostel

Rome, Italy

Great people working here. Good breakfast.


They may well have charged 2 euros more because I didn't have a hostel card. I had 3-bed dorm to myself so that was great. Ensuite bathroom. Breakfast was good, better than in most places.

Alojamiento Duna de Doñana

Sanlucar de Barrameda, Spain

Just stayed one night. It is near the castle and a ten-minute walk from the boats. Btw, you should book in advance if you want to see Doñana. The owner, Eduardo, was really friendly and helpful. Nice kitchen. Would stay there again.

Cadiz Inn Backpackers

Cadiz, Spain

Just stayed one night. In the middle of the old city, so things are close.

INOUT Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Los que lo llevan personas que en su mayoría tienen minusvalías lo que me parece una gran idea. Está en un parque donde abundan jabalíes sueltos. A cinco minutos de una estación. Gran relación-calidad precio.

Sol Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Excellent value for money. It even includes a small breakfast (Buns + coffee). Really friendly Bulgarian staff. Not exactly in the centre but that perhaps is not a bad thing as it can be rowdy. Near Atocha station and a metro line. Would stay again.

Safestay York

York, England

Very easy to find: near the railway station. Big breakfast.

Respau Eco Hostel

Como, Italy

Friendly people. As you know, it is in the middle of a forrest but there is a chofer service til midnight. One thing I didn't like was that you couldn't access the hostel after this said time. But great for nature lovers.

Albergue los Pascuales

Toledo, Spain

Great receptionist: super friendly. Great location, near the main square in the old town. They could have done with a few more activities in the hostel and the breakfast was only a bun and a hot drink. If you are like me, you will love Toledo.


I didn't like it too much. It didn't seem very clean.

Funky Cordoba

Cordoba, Spain

I would stay here again.

Famous Crows

Lisbon, Portugal

Really helpful receptionist. I was amazed by the furniture and the showers: great quality. It's right next to a famous cake shop.

NS Hostel & Suites

Coimbra, Portugal

Nice place to stay. Friendly staff.

Myosotis Oporto Hostel

Porto, Portugal

Nice staff. You can park there. It wasn't too near important places, but it was near a metro line.

Ciudad de Vacaciones Monte do Gozo

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

It's on a big hill on the outskirts of town. It looks a bit like a military complex. Over all, it was good.

Hostel B&B&B

Santander, Spain

I found it a bit hard to find but the staff were friendly. Near the sea.

Albergue Zaragoza Hostel

Zaragoza, Spain

Nice place. They could have included linen though.

Anker Hostel

Oslo, Norway

Nice staff. I know it's Norway, but it would have been nice to include sheets. I didn't like the breakfast too much. There wasn't a single computer to use, but there was wifi however. They also play great music there. My room had a fridge and cooking devices which was nice. The area was a bit bad: sometimes it didn't feel too safe but it was more or less near the centre. Can you still see the flowers?


Difficult to find but it's in a great location: old narrow streets surrounded by North African shops. Cosy beds, a bar, cheap...

The Spot Central Hostel

Seville, Spain

No customer comment

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Beautiful hostel. I had a problem with blisters but the receptionist helped me. The only downside is the location: it is a rowdy area of Madrid and I had the misfortune of going on Saturday night! I only slept 4 hours. Take this into account if you want a relaxing stay.

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Thank you so much for your feedback! We're sorry the noise at night kept you awake. We are looking to lower the noise level in order to create a more comfortable stay! Thank you again and we hope to see you again soon here in Madrid!!


Nice hostel near the city centre. Nice staff. And specially, great value for money. Only 10 € per night for my booking (+ the 1.50 € fee). Breakfast is coffee, cereal, juice and toast. Would go again.

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Thank you so much for your comment!! we hope to see you next time you are around town! Safe travels!


Helpful staff. I had a room to myself because it was low season which was great. The rooms have bathrooms so it's like a small hotel. Breakfast: bread, cereal, jam, butter, coffee, tomato, oil,... The city itself isn't all that impressive though.

Pars Teatro hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Nice hostel but the breakfast was horrible. Margarine, no butter or oil. The cereals or milk (not sure what it was), were so disgusting that I had to throw them away. Apart from this, the staff were friendly and it was quite near Colon and Montserrat. A lot of young people here.


I was on the top of the triple bunk beds: it takes skill not to fall off. Apart from that the hostel was great, with really friendly and helpful staff. There was this girl behind the bar, man, she was beautiful. I was the skinhead who she served two pizzas to. I actually was going to say something to her, but she wasn't there that night. I would recommend the hostel just because of her. Thanks! I had a great time!


They had a bit of trouble with the payment system but that was resolved. It was incredibly hot the first night and I was bitten by a mosquito, but on the second night an American told me that the fan was working and I slept fine. The people who run it are really friendly, they had a BBQ on Friday night, you could rent bikes cheaply, there was a little pool, a hammock,...On the last night, there were just 3 people in the whole house, no employees, so it was great. The boss made us some juice. A+


This hostel had a lot of character. The dorms were good (except the toilet seat wouldn\'t stay up). The lift smelt very bad so I always used the stairs. The breakfast was good, with nice croissants among other things. Really helpful staff: A*. There was a supermarket nearby. I met an Australian and some Americans that were really friendly. Great place, stay here.


Nice hostel. Easy to follow instructions from the metro. It had a great atmosphere. Maybe a bit too good. It was a bit noisy at night with all these drunken people singing. The luggage cages were a bit noisy, but they usually are. Good breakfast. Nice location besides a canal. A bit far away, but you just have to get the metro and that's it. Many hot people staying there. The women in the staff were also very attractive. I missed a room where I could sit down and watch tv without paying.

Nuovo Ostello di Bergamo

Bergamo, Italy

It took me over two hours to find the hostel. The directions to the hostel have to be improved. You take the number 6 bus from the cita bassa or the number 3 from the cita alta. And good luck finding the stops. When I finally arrived, it was closed until 2 o\'clock because it was Sunday. So they DON\'T have a 24 h reception. They shouldn\'t say they do. The breakfast was lame. Everything else was fine. Good bus service. Clean. Cheap. Friendly staff. Had to make your own bed. Bergamo is beautiful.

Residenza Muropadri

Verona, Italy

This place is great. I had a room for myself, with a big bed. It was very clean and only five minutes away from the centre of town. There was a Roman Theatre a minute away. I met the owner: she was very kind, helpful and could speak good English. I completely recommend anyone to stay here. The only flaw was that the walls were a bit thin. Btw, I met an American student there. I forgot to ask for his msn. My facebook is on my profile. So if you\'re reading this, you can add me if you want.

Hotel RossoVino

Milan, Italy

When I reached the hostel they told me that there was a problem and that I had to go to another one called Diablo. This hostel had no PCs, no 24 hour reception and definitely no free wine. They didn\'t inform me about the breakfast which I never had because they was nobody even there at 8.30 . The only good things about it was that the showers were ok. The staff could be friendly but that doesn\'t compensate. This was not what I paid for.

Dublin City Bunkhouse

Dublin, Ireland

Very friendly staff. Really nice and big TV room. It is a pity that from this room you could smell the smoke of the people just outside. Great price and good breakfast.

The Railway Sligo

Sligo, Ireland

When I first arrived at this hostel some parts smelt of sweat. Also, there was no soap in the toilets which was a bit of a drag. Apart from these things, this hostel was good. It had a very welcoming, cosy atmosphere and the people there were really helpful and friendly. The kitchen was quite a good place to chill out.

Globetrotters/The Townhouse

Dublin, Ireland

Nitpicking: the beds were creaky and it was dangerous to get into and out of the top beds. There was a rule that you couldn\'t bring food into the hostel if the restaurant was serving food. Why? This was a bit fascist. On top of it, the restaurant was expensive. Everything else was excellent: friendly and helpful staff, brilliant breakfast, good price...the best hostel that I have stayed in to date.