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5footway.inn Project Bugis

Singapore, Singapore

Located in a diverse and funky (at least funky for Singapore) neighbourhood. The 24 hour checkin was great. Really appreciated staff offering to help us with travel plans around Singapore (we didn't even have to ask them!). One gripe - the music played on the desk stereo - too much Coldplay and their ilk. But that's just me being a snob. Of the three places I've stayed in Singapore, this was the best by far.


Has the stink of stale cigarette smoke you associate with such venues in Japan, but otherwise did the job, albeit in a very compact way (ie the room and shower were tiny).

Kyoubashi Ryokan

Hiroshima, Japan

The only internet available is Softbank (subscription required). Boss is friendly and our room was very comfortable. A cheap and easy way to get your , if that is what you want. There is also a hot tub.


handy location. cozy hostel. nothing to complain about. would stay there again. good wifi.

Hotel L Kamata

Tokyo, Japan

awesome love hotel! make sure you go to the correct Kamata JR station , there are two


Taipei, Taiwan

No customer comment

Hobart Hostel

Hobart, Australia

I spent a very pleasant 4 nights at the Hobart Hostel and would be more than happy to return.

Manly Astra

Sydney, Australia

Mark was very friendly and helpful

Big Hostel

Sydney, Australia

Yeeeahhh, not bad, eh


We have stayed in many hostels the world over and this is one of the best. Not only is the building one of the most charming and cozy you could ever dream of, the owners are incredibly friendly, going the extra length to make sure that your time in Tokyo is that little bit better. If you plan on staying in Tokyo, do yourself a big favour and book a room at Toco. A truly special hostel.

The Classic Courtyard

Beijing, China

'Authentic' hutong location, not too far from the subway. The neighbourhood has a good mix of sights and restaurants and has plenty of character. There is some dude there whose job appears to be nothing more than playing online games, but he will arrange transportation for you if you ask.

HongKong City Guesthouse

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

We were upgraded to the '3 star' hotel on the 10th floor. It has been recently renovated and is cosy and quiet. And check out the Everest Club on the 4th floor for a good curry.

WoW Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

This was the only place available when I looked the day before leaving. Location is not too central, but being next to the MRT station makes up for that. Some long term residents appear a little too comfortable, spreading their gear all over the dorm. Not a bad place, all things considered.

World Scholar House

Taipei, Taiwan

A quiet and reasonably priced hostel that is well located for exploring Taipei.

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

Be prepared to get woken up at ungodly hours by drunken revellers rejoicing in the street. Other than that, it was a great place to stay.

Avalon Hotel Paris

Paris, France

We arrived at 0530 and were told to come back at 1430. That is fine, but when we came back at 1430 our room wasn't ready and the poor guy at the desk was swamped by other people trying to check in.

Oxford Backpackers Hostel

Oxford, England

We had the misfortune of staying here on two of the three hot days that Oxford has in any given year. Ventilation in the hostel is very poor and as a result, the interior felt like a sauna. There are no fans in the rooms, common areas or kitchen and the place warms up very easily. Otherwise not a bad joint.


The bar guy was awesome and friendly.

Ottawa Backpackers Inn

Ottawa, Canada

It was a little bit more expensive than what we would have liked to pay, but that said, there was nothing to fault about the place, especially the location and the friendly staff (Martin). We enjoyed staying there.


Some other people have complained about bed bugs - we did not have a problem. The bathroom could have been cleaner (or even cleaned once in the four days we were there) and we found an unusual and unpleasant surprise under our bed, fortunately just as we were leaving.