Reviews: teedee

Location: Vietnam, Gender: Male, Age: 33

Viva Hostel Design

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Great place, great staff. The owner is so dedicated for his hostel and he was showing every effort to make it a perfect place for people to stay. The staff was very prompt on requests to cleaning the room and toilet. The location is very near to attractions like batman alley, vila madalena. Highly recommended hostel.

Iguassu Guest House

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Very clean and nice place. Warm atmosphere. Great Staff. Good location.

Students & Travellers Inn

Athens, Greece

Very convenient, safe, and good value.

Hotel King

Kalambaka, Greece

1. The AC remote is not in the room by default, so you have to go ask the lady and then she'll give it to you. 2. The hot water ran out as quick as you flushed the toilet. 3. The taxi service that she recommended to take to see the monasteries was a ripoff. Better get your own taxi or rent a bike.

Sibylla Hotel

Delphi, Greece

I just love this place. Convenient, friendly staff, good value

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

In general, the place is good for the money. However, the bar hopping tour was disappointing. In fact I was a bit pissed. They said the fees for the tour included 4 free drinks. However, the tour guide (George) gave us only 1 drink at the first bar. Then in the 2nd bar he didn't give everyone drink. He even complained that he expected we bought our own drinks (WTF). So bottom line is go the and stay sine it's convenient and good value but don't get the bar hopping tour.

HI Massada

Dead Sea, Israel

It's the only hotel next to masada so it's a bit expensive. I would suggest staying in a cheaper place in en gedi, or even jerusalem. And then get a rental car to masada. That'd give you more flexibility to see masada and enjoy the dead sea.


The place is very clean. Staff was also owner of the place. She was very nice. The location is very convenient. It's only 5' walk to monastiraki station, which is very fun at night.

Fauzi Azar Inn

Nazareth, Israel

Great experience. The place is historical. It is well organized and clean. Staff was nice. Some of the staff were students from the states or other country volunteering. Location is convenient and center to everything. I love the free city tour.

Port Inn

Haifa, Israel

Pros: clean, secured, nice atmosphere Cons: It's a bit remote and requires 20-30' walking to almost any attractions. The staff always had some kind of annoyed face.


Very tiny locker. The door lock didn't always work. The location is quite convenient.

Stars Hotel 26 BAT SU

Hanoi, Vietnam

I had a pleasant stay there. The staff were very nice and knew the area well. The hotel is located in the center area and is very convenient to walk to most of the attractions in Hanoi. The room was clean and well prepared. The only minor negative thing I found is that the hot water ran out pretty quickly (maybe it was just me taking a long shower), like after 10' of using. Also the shower curtain didn't cover the whole bathtub, so some water may spill over the floor, but not that much though.

Hotel Taj Plaza

Agra, India

the first room they gave me was dirty with bugs inside so I requested another room. The second one was cleaner but the mattress cover had stain all over. I requested another cover and they gave me one with less stain (but there was still obvious stain). Then the lock of the room got stuck and I was locked inside for an hour. One of the staff had to get into my room from the window and try to break the door. Terrible place, I will never recommend this hotel.

Red Palm Hostel

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

The place is nice and clean. However, we had problem with the via ferrata activities. We registered with red-palm and pay the whole fees for the activities at mount kinabalu. However, the night the activities were supposed to happen had a thunder storm so they cancel the activities. However, we never get back the money. Talked and emailed to Veronica at Red Palm but didn\'t hear back anything.

Rosy Guest House

Siem Reap, Cambodia

The staff is friendly and responsible. They know how to do the business and provide good service

Sakura Hostel Asakusa

Tokyo, Japan

Positive: Very nice and friendly staff who speak well English. Clean and safe. Negative: None


I love the staff here. They speak fluently English and were very friendly. The place is cleaned and organized. Highly recommended.

Sumo Backpackers

Osaka, Japan

Positive: very friendly staff. Great communication. Convenient location. Clean and safe. Stylish dorm...I like the way the dorm is decorated. Negative: None