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Gordon Inn

Tel Aviv, Israel

The rooms were alright. The bathrooms could use some work. We didn't have hot water for 3 of the 4 days we stayed there, and despite us complaining, nothing was fixed. They kept saying it would be fixed but it was not fixed until the very last day. It's ridiculous showering in cold water! Also, the WIFI did not work other than on the first floor. So when we were in our rooms on the 3rd floor, we had 0 connectivitiy.

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We apologize for the problems with the hot water. We have since hired a new maintenance crew who are currently making the necessary changes to our hostel. We agree that cold showers are no fun. We have also fixed the wifi and it is currently available on all floors, still free of charge. We appreciate you taking the time to write a review and hope you will stay with us again.

Tel Aviv Beachfront Hostel

Tel Aviv, Israel

Solid hostel. Eveyrthing worked. The rooms were a bit small but big enough I guess. They could be bigger. It was literally located on the beach so location was perfect. The staff quality was very low though. When I asked questions, it seemed like I was bothering them while they chatted amongst themselves and/or repied to text messages on their phones. Running a hostel is a service, so servive your customers! The day shift and night shift staff were all bad. No exceptions.

Guven Cave Hostel

Goreme, Turkey

Guven was amazing! It was clean, roomy, great breakfast and felt right at home. Mustafa, the owner, was always helpful and made our stay at Guven even better. He answered all our questions and gave us amazing recommendatoins. I would stay here again if I come back to Goreme.

Big Apple Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

This was a fantastic plcae to stay! The rooms were amazingly clean, the sheets smelled good, and the washrooms were always kept in pristine condition. I was hungry at midnight one day, and the receptionist was nice enough to order a fantastic kebab for me, delivered to the hostel. If I came back to istanbul, I'd stay here.

Mavi Guesthouse

Istanbul, Turkey

Washrooms were dark and gloomy. I couldn't shower without getting my clothes wet. The toilet was so close to the door that my knees touched the door. Faily uncomfortable.

Marko Polo

Dubrovnik, Croatia

It was really far from the city and it was tiring to walk up and down the stairs to the town. Even with the bus, it's a long walk adding in the heat and Croatia sun. The rooms had no air conditioning so we were taking ice cold showers just before sleeping to balance the temperatures. Even then I often woke up in the middle of the night because it was too hot lying on top of my own sweat. Tthe wifi signal was weak so don't expect that to work.

OldHouse Hostel

Tallinn, Estonia

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TOTU Hostel

Krakow, Poland

The rooms were way too small for the price we paid.

Hostel Giraffe

Krakow, Poland

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