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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 29

The Loft Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Excellent location and very friendly staff. Nice common room should provide potential for a great atmosphere, but it was relatively dead during our couple days there Overall I'd say very good but a bit on the pricier side vs. other alternatives

Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Keep doing what you are doing, this was one of the best hostels I have stayed at anywhere.

Hostel Independencia

Mendoza, Argentina

Fantastic location and great, friendly staff. Weren't a ton of people around when I was there, but that was probably just due to the holidays. Would definitely recommend

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Hola thank you for taking the time to review, its appreciated. Hostel is now completley full, I even have people sharing my room, help! Have a fab 2013. Manuela

Terrazas Estoril

Buenos Aires, Argentina

One of the best hostels I've stayed at, even despite having to move twice due to problems with one of the rooms. Staff is incredibly friendly and place is very clean. Fantastic rooftop terrace/bar (which I imagine would be even better in the warmer months) and nice common room, making it pretty easy to meet people. Location is very central. Only slight downsides are the rooftop bar is a little pricey for BA, and there should be more fun events like the Thurs BBQ every night

Pisko & Soul

Cusco, Peru

Very good hostel overall -- nice location in San Blas, very friendly staff and good common rooms. One significant negative is that there is no heating in the rooms themselves and it can get very cold at night. However, not sure that many hostels in Cusco do indeed have much better heating

Miraflores House

Lima, Peru

Had a fantastic stay at Miraflores house -- very clean and secure in a centralized location. Francisco really cares about all his guests (will call cabs, give restaurant advice, etc) and makes sure all his guests feel at home. The rest of the staff is great too. Also free Pisco Sours daily.

El Viajero Cartagena Hostel

Cartagena, Colombia

Excellent location in the Old City and very good facilities but lacks a good common area and has few/no planned activities during the week. Was easier to meet others staying at El Viajero when going on day trips than at the hostel itself Also air conditioning is nice but is only allowed starting at 7pm (unpleasant surprise)

Samay Hostel Sevilla

Seville, Spain

Decent hostel, but definitely not a "stone's throw away from the bullring" - more like a 15 minute walk. Aside from that false advertisement, the rooftop terrace is great, the rooms are clean, and the staff is okay.

Goodnight Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Great hostel...rooms were a bit small, but everything else about the hostel (especially staff, lounge, and location) was spectacular.

Beagle Houseboat

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great, spacious place to hang out and excellent views from the top of the boat. Location is very near the central train station, but a bit far away from the main action at night.

Avalon House

Dublin, Ireland

Excellent hostel - eally nice staff and great lobby area with several computers. also had free wifi throughout the hostel... Only downsides were the not-so-spacious bathrooms and a not amazing (but still decent) location