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Location: France, Gender: Male, Age: 28

G4 Station

Singapore, Singapore

Security and Location are great, no real atmosphere here. The 4-bed dormitories at the 1st floor have terrible facilities. Well, they basically don't have any : You need to go into the bathrooms of the restaurant next door to get your shower. Don't even think of going barefoot, and be ready to endure the smell of korean food in the morning.

Hostel Cat

Las Vegas, USA

A great hostel to stay and enjoy Las Vegas for a cheap price. The accomodation is not very fresh, but very well located and the patio is a good place to hang out. Better than a hotel in many way, since the staff is helpful and brings you to the right places in Vegas.

Casona Potosi Hostal

Potosi, Bolivia

Completely closed at night, so make sure you arrive after 6am (the city is very cold) Bathrooms need a serious refresh, water is hot Wifi is only available in the front desk, so everybody cram into that small room instead of using the nice covered patio. Breakfast is ridiculously small, but free (why the ticket thing ? Nobody will steal the breakfast) Overall, an OK hostel that could be great (nice place), but that got a lot of details wrong.


Cusco, Peru

The location is excellent and both the staff and the agency are awesomely helpful to organize a trip to Macchu Pichu The dorms are a bit noisy due to a noisy floor and people coming back from their trek at 1am, and people leaving for their trek at 4am, but I guess you´ll have the same problem in every hostel in Cusco.


A very good hostel. Not the quiestest one you´ll find, but they did a good job splitting the sleeping rooms and the communal places, so one can sleep very well. They could do with some more computers. Otherwise, the staff is great and helpful, and the place is secure. Everything you need to start a good trip through Peru.

Saphaipae Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Overall a great time in your hostel. For improvement, is the whole login/pass on a 10 baht sheet of paper for internet access really necessary ?

Come Inn Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

An awesome place to stay, for the location is great, the staff is nice and the atmosphere is wonderful

G4 Station

Singapore, Singapore

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Footprints Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

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