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Mec Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

The heater didnt work and it was really cold, i asked in reception and they told me that during the day it´s not worth to switch it on,and maybe in the night would work,but it didnt, it is not confortable at all to feel frozen in your own room,specially in the night. The showers are incredibly annoying,u need to be pushing the button all the time with one hand for the water. when u feel frozen in your room and need a warm shower it wont be possible. the good point: very hot female receptionist

Marino Conference Centre

Dublin, Ireland

My heater didnt work,i asked in reception and they told me it works in the night,but it didnt,extremely cold, i had to sleep with my clothes on, very unconfortable for such a price,70 euros 1 night! the most expensive room in my live and didnt have private toilet and not even a heater working at least in the frozen night,if they want to safe money they should do it with students not with costumers. there was a hole between my room and the next one.Sooo far from everything,15 euros taxi to centre

Dublin International (YHA)

Dublin, Ireland

When i arrived my bed was a mess,with the dirty linen of someone else, it was really disgusting and unacceptable,i had to throw them away in the room and set it up with clean ones. At 5:00a.m. some people in the room woke up,switched on the lights and started to shout and laugh very loudly .bed very noisy when you move or climb it,and really small if you are tall (more than 1,85) you wont fit, very unconfortable. Staff not very excited about their job. very annoying cards for entering corridors

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Thank you for your comments, the unfortunate thing about staying in a shared room versus a private room is that you are subject to the whims of your room mates, by saying to them, to be quiet may have helped your situation or earplugs. We do our utmost to make sure each bed and room is clean and tidy prior to guests arriving and if notified of any problems, we will go and rectify. Security is paramount to us and key cards are only for staff or guests to enter. Kindest regards - Misty Dublin