Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 48

Hostelworld deal is for a courtyard room, bargain price for hotel room. Reservation was for king bed, but they were out of king bedrooms and gave us 2 double beds. HVAC had musty odor - acceptable for 1 night. Room only a few dollars more than the Wild Wild West room I booked on Hostelworld a year ago and casino a lot less smoky and larger with more dining options. Check-in line very long at 10:30 pm and $6.99 lunch buffet line 1.5 hours long.


Best deal in town $32 for a night in private room w/bath including breakfast (drinks extra) at typical budget Days Inn hotel. $2 happy hour drafts (microbrews, not just blah domestics) at 2 happy hours including late night HH 11pm-3am at the attached casino! I was just there for a night on a long road trip so just needed a quiet night's sleep and didn't have time to make a trip to the strip which you could see from the hotel. Denny's breakfast service was slow because it was packed.


Santorini, Greece

Kataderos is on the bus route just before Fira, so good connections to everywhere in Santorini. Make sure you head straight to the local bus from the ferry as the bus only runs when a ferry arrive. Room has electrical socket inside locker which is good security for charging smart phone or camera, but not a big enough locker to fit a large backpack. Available pool is a rarity for a hostel! 10 minute walk down steep hill from bus stop - a bit harder when you leave with heavy backpack.

Studio Eleni

Mykonos, Greece

Full size bed was nice feature instead of 2 single beds. Apartment with stove, refrigerator, and sofa on lower level was a surprise although I didn't use it since I was only there for 1 night. WC on balcony means you have to walk outside (and be seen by public) on way to shower. Always approach it from the windmills, otherwise you will never find it in the maze worse than Venice.

Belfast International Youth Hostel

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Unlike most YHAs which tend to be very far from city center, this one was one of the closest to the center and bus/train station, which is why I chose it. It was a newer hostel with the recent reconstruction, and 2nd best YHA on my trip. Michael, young guy working the night shift was very helpful in assisting me finding a place to buy a memory card for my camera.