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Sanlitun Youth Hostel

Beijing, China

If you want to go to the Sanlitun shopping area (lots of foreign food and stores), this place is perfect. I had planned on going to the Pearl Market, but the Yashow market nearby had everything I needed and was very convenient.

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Thanks for your advise,we wil try our best to improve!


This hostel was very clean and comfortable to stay at. We got in around midnight and the taxi driver dropped us off nearby but we didn't know where to go. The driver himself warned us it was not safe and a couple from a coffee shop nearby saw us looking confused and repeatedly warned us it is dangerous. Miglen assured us the place was safe, but I'll let you decide if he's right. It was fine during the day, but if you get in at night, I recommend you have the hostel come get you at Omonia.


The hostel was not located where it says it was on the map. It is about a 20 minute taxi ride from Tiananmen East Station and most taxis don't know where it is because it is in a hutong. The people who work there were not overly helpful in giving us directions on how to get around via bus and subway, we had to figure it out on our own using a map. Overall, it was probably the worst hostel I've been to in China. It wasn't horrible- just not helpful, clean, or located well.

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ou are the first time to visit Beijing and you do not know Beijing.If the taxis do not know the location of hostel,you can telepone to us and we can tell the taxi driver where we are.It is very easy to find us.If you do not know the place where you want to go,you should ask the worker on the reception and the staff will try the best to help you.p[ease communicate with us in time.We will make better our hostel.

Little Hanoi Diamond

Hanoi, Vietnam

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Ming Courtyard

Beijing, China

Our room was not reserved for us when we got there, but they were willing to move things around for us. A couple of the people working there were extremely helpful is helping us get around. The breakfast was decent.

Trippers Carpe Diem

Yangshuo, China

I loved my stay at Trippers. The location was beautiful and peaceful, but about a 20 minutes stroll to town. The staff were helpful and friendly.

Garden Inn

Lijiang, China

The staff were helpful, but reluctantly. They sometimes had difficulty understanding English.

The Hump Hostel

Kunming, China

We booked our room on a few months before staying there. When we arrived, they had not reserved our room. They were very accomodating, but had to move someone else, so we felt bad. Great atmosphere and very helpful, friendly staff!


With construction it was quite difficult to get to, but worth the trip. The staff is wonderful and enthusiastic. I did see a mouse in the room before departing.

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Hello Thank you for your useful comments. On our local map we have a shortcut that bypasses the road construction and actually gets to Tiananmen Square quicker. We will update our hostelworld map to make it easier to reach the Guesthouse. Since we got our two cats we very rarely see any mice. In the next few days we plan to start redecorating the rooms and also seal any gaps that we find. We look forward to seeing you next time :) Kind regards Emperor Guesthouse

Jade Garden Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

It's basically an apartment with 3 extra rooms, so it has a homey feeling to it.