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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 30

Wrigley Hostel

Chicago, USA

I had a great time at the hostel. Thanks Lauren, Kim, and Ida for making me feel at home!

Urban Holiday Lofts

Chicago, USA

No customer comment

Garden District House

New Orleans, USA

Really liked the hostel. Another traveler and I did get a warning not to go down Jackson Street at night because of safety reasons by the local police. Something the staff didn't warn us about it and in fact, was surprise we were warned at all. We were going to walk from Walmart to Magasin St. at night for some food, but the police said that it was dangerous area. Just be pragmatic towards your guests on where not to wander.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Some of the staff could use better customer service manners, but overall it was a pleasant stay. Room was very cold, electrical outlets were scarce, showers could use a hook or basket for shampoo/soap. Rooms were very clean, awesome common room, decent internet connection. Location was very good. More pricey than hostels in the city.

Luxembourg City Hostel

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Only hostel in the city. Staff were perfunctory - neither nice nor bad. Beds, room, bathrooms were clean. No wifi in the rooms. Had to go to the common area to do any internet, which was already crowded with people trying to do the same. Location was good, except you have to walk up the hill to get to the city center. Check-out was too early.


Strasbourg, France

There are no lockers in the rooms, though I had no problem with my stuff. But that always depends on your roommates. No wifi reception in the rooms, either. Only in the lobby area and not strong. Otherwise, comfortable beds, very clean overall, clean bathrooms and fresh complimentary towels everyday. Also, it was the only hostel available in Strasbourg. Great location and within 10 minutes walk to the city center.

SLO Living Hostel

Lyon, France

Wifi was good only in the common area. I spent Christmas weekend there, so the atmosphere was probably already low, though it was booked full for that weekend. The hostel did not offer in-house dinners for the holiday, kitchen was the size of a closet and was told mainly for staff use. Some travelers I met were starving because all the restaurants closed, except shops run by Jewish or Muslims, which still left little to offer. Staff had little knowledge of what places might be open or suggestions to feed ourselves, except maybe you should go grocery shopping. Very clean, comfortable bed, clean bathrooms, hot showers, though. The only affordable accommodation under 30€ in Lyon.

Tattva Design Hostel

Porto, Portugal

The curtains around the bed was a nice touch that gave a little privacy. I visited during low season, so the social atmosphere was on the low side, however, I found most of the staff friendly. Clean and comfortable with a fully equipped kitchen for your use. I stayed in a female dorm and there was only one caveat with the shower/toilet stall. The shower did not have a curtain, so water ended up flooding the toilet area creating a big mess. Not a big deal, but slippery.

Serenata Hostel Coimbra

Coimbra, Portugal

Very clean, functional, affordable, and in a great location. I visited during the winter, low season, so there were not that many travelers going through. So, there was an emptiness that left the atmosphere cold. Staff were perfunctory and not often found at the desk, but could be available if you buzzed them. Kitchen was very basic with little to cook with. Bed was comfortable, individual outlets, and lockers. This is a great place to stay if you want location, cleanliness, and affordability.

Guesthouse Argonauta

Obidos, Portugal

The guesthouse is beautiful and clean. A house converted into a hostel/B&B. Concha was an extremely friendly, chirpy, and hospitable host. The dorm room was lovely and beautifully decorated. She made an amazing breakfast, provided an extra comforter, and prepared the stove for heating in my room every night. I was very comfortable. Obidos is very much a touristy town, so it was fortunate that the Argonauta provided affordable accommodations. I would definitely recommend staying here.

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

One of the best parts of visiting a place is the people you meet and I definitely met some amazing people at Home Lisbon. Arriving at 6:30 in the morning, they immediately made me feel at home. Check-in wasn't until 2 pm, but they offered me the couch to nap on and breakfast. Staff were very helpful in giving advice and guidance on Lisbon and making me feel welcome throughout my stay. Mamma's dinners were amazing and provided a great opportunity to meet some fabulous travelers and make friends.

La Banda Rooftop Hostel

Seville, Spain

This is a party hostel. Great if you want to meet new people, drink, and party till sunrise. Not so good if you want a good night's sleep. The main attraction is the rooftop with a stunning view of the cathedral. Optional dinners for 6 euros are fantastic. The staff were incredibly friendly and cheerful. Beds were very comfortable, though the 8 bed dorms were a bit cramped.

Osio Backpackers

Cordoba, Spain

A quaint hostel within 5 minute walk of the Mezquita and harbor. I had a pleasant stay overall. The upstairs bathrooms were a bit chilly during the winter, but really nice and clean. Hot showers. The breakfast were simple with toast, cereal, coffee, tea, and cocoa mix. The rooms were very warm at night and the beds comfortable and clean.

Makuto Backpackers Hostel

Granada, Spain

Overall, it's a good vibe being here. Staff were very friendly and helpful, great location, and great outdoor common area and tree house. I came during the winter, so it was chilly in the room I was staying in. Also would suggest using outdoor heat lamps for the outside common area - as it's the area where everyone likes to sit and have breakfast and/or dinner. The wifi is terrible. It kept going in and out and in my room there was nothing. Finally, the laundry dryer was broken.


Great little hostel located in the old town Valencia. It's a little bit hidden, so finding it was a bit hard, but it is a great hideaway within a 2 minute walking distance from the Central Market and easy walking around several of the old town attractions. The staff were very friendly and helpful in showing you where to go and helping you with booking train tickets. I was located on the top floor and wifi was pretty decent. Overall, the beds, rooms, and bathrooms/toilets were respectfully clean.


It's a really nice hostel located about an hour and half drive from some of the major attractions in Yosemite. Very affordable and in a small, quaint town. The sleeping areas were really nice - a little hot during the day, but since I was out most of it, it didn't really bother me much as it cooled down really quickly at night. Only one slight inconvenience was that the dormatory had like 16 beds and only one bathroom (1 shower, 1 toilet).


Located in a great location and within walking distance to the infamous Fisherman's Wharf grotto and Pier 39, and about a 30 minute walk to Golden Gate Bridge. It was really an ideal location, great breakfast, and decent rooms. Security is a bit on the low side as I had food stolen, and there are people who look homeless seen on the property. I even had a roommate that was a bit of a mental case. Lock up your things at all times, even when you have to leave to go to the bathroom is all I can say

HI Sacramento

Sacramento, USA

The hostel looks like a colonial mansion with its high ceilings, balustrade, trimmings, and chandeliers. It was a beautiful place. Only thing is that there are not that many restaurants around. It's really just a place to chill out and relax during traveling. The complementary was decent with bagels, fruit, and coffee. Bathrooms were clean and rooms were clean.

HI Portland - Northwest

Portland, USA

Some of the showers drains were clogged, but otherwise, I enjoyed staying here. Nice atmosphere, nice staff, and enjoyed the social meals. The location is a nice walking distance to the attractions or local transportation.

HI Monterey

Monterey, USA

This hostel is very clean and the staff very friendly. This is a place to relax and get de-stress. Convenient to everything located in Monterey and plenty of parking. There was only one caveat during my stay...was the smell of my room the first two nights, which smelt a little like a wet dog. Though, it may be my roommates than the room. Otherwise, it was a nice stay altogether.

Orange Drive Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

Free parking, one block from the TLC Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, and a variety of public transportation options - it is the ideal location to stay. It's located in a side street off of Hollywood Boulevard that's actually very quiet and nice. I would definitely stay here again.

HI San Diego - Point Loma

San Diego, USA

A very nice place to stay: clean and very comfortable beds. Located about a 25 minute walk from Ocean Beach, conveniently across a grocery store and a small handful of restaurants, and inexpensive dinners provided at the hostel. Street parking is usually available and free. I ended up extending to use the full 14 days allowed. No alcohol on the premise - so not a party place, but it is a very social place.

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Thanks so much for staying with us and giving us this great review. We hope to see you again next year. Cheers, Jenny


Basic hotel within walking distance of the main strip. The breakfast vouchers were nice, allowing you to choose between three basic meals (beverages not included). The room was a little dusty around the edges of the bed and on the carpet along the wall, but other than that it was as comfortable as could be. A decent alternative to hostels for low budget and you get your own private room.


It's such a chill, laid-back environment. I became very comfortable and ended up extending my stay for an additional two nights. Located in the Historic Town of Flagstaff, it was very convenient to walk to restaurants and bars and is right next door to the train station. It's fairly clean as best as a hostel can be. There are no lockers, however, I didn't have any issues with anything gone missing.

Bush Village Budget Cabins

Airlie Beach, Australia

The dorms were nice - each cabin with a dedicated kitchen and bathroom. Staff were very friendly and helpful. Location was a 40 min. walk to Airlie Beach downtown area using the beach walk route. You can take a bus $2.70 one-way. Good place for families or people who want peace and quiet, but not for those who want the convenience of experiencing the Airlie beach nightlife or restaurants within walking distance. Internet cost $2 per 20 min. or you pay $3 per hour wifi, but it's very slow.

Bungalow Bay Koala Village YHA

Magnetic Island, Australia

Overall, the village is a great place to get away from the crowd and chill out. There's plenty of wildlife in the village to keep you interested. Though, at night the animals can be loud. Staff were nice enough, but were a bit disorganized and lack the personable touch I've experienced at other hostels. The koala sanctuary tour and bush tucker breakfast are discounted to guests if purchased together and well worth it for the opportunity to get close and personal with the animals.

Globetrotters International

Cairns, Australia

The staff were extremely friendly and helpful for booking tours. They had all the insights on what the better tour companies had to offer. Additionally, the staff will go out of the way to make you welcome. I had a last minute room change, which wasn't a big deal to me, but I was compensated with a $50+ discount on a tour. My room had a separate kitchen and bathroom, and a large flatscreen TV. It was pretty nice. Free wi-fi, and several areas to hang out.

Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Free Internet. Great location for walking to all the interesting sites. A bit on the pricey side, but clean and friendly atmosphere.

Atillas Getaway

Selcuk, Turkey

The entire atmosphere creates a fabulous setting to meet other travelers. It has a pool, pool table,and lounge area. Every night you're invited to eat dinner at a common table with other guests for an an unbeatable price. You get a heaping dish with a delicious home cooked meal. After dinner, everyone would get sit around an open fire pit, play pool, take crazy swims in the cold pool, or just hang around the bar where the owner drank with you & even occasionally supplied you a few free drinks.


No customer comment

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

This place was really nice, clean.

Shelter Jordan

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is a decent hostel: clean, well-managed, and within a decent location. About a 20-minute walk or 5-minute bus ride from Dam square. If you're looking for a party hostel, this is not the place. Though, you will meet some nice backpackers.

Wombats City Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

The view from the bar (located on the roof) was great. Though, it could use a pick-me-up of better music to liven up the place.

Academy Hostel

Florence, Italy

This is probably one of the nicest hostels I've stayed in. The rooms were very nice and clean. The staff exceptionally friendly and fun. The breakfast was decent. In the evenings, the staff would hold socials with free food and beverages, which is a nice touch.

Absolut Venice

Venice, Italy

Staff were very friendly. The hostel was clean and it was located in a great convenient location from the train and bus station. The directions they provided was very straightforward. The only downside is the itemized costs and fees outside the cost of the stay, though they are upfront about it in their site description when you book.


Everything was very nice, except the girls bathroom, which smelled like urine.

Hotel France Albion

Paris, France

Clean, great location. Though, it had a very tiny bathroom and shower. The curtains were not that good, so the entire bathroom floor would flood after a shower.