Reviews: gabrielbonner7710

Hotel Pension Dalila

Fez, Morocco

We stayed in a double room, great value for the money, and Brahim (Obama ;D ) and Thami took really, really good care of us (such as dealing with a taxi cab driver that was trying to overcharge us, to small details like getting up and bringing us a bottle opener for a bottle of Coke before we even asked for one, among other things) Far above and beyond any other kind of treatment that we got in Morocco in our 11 days there. Would stay there again in a heartbeat. Thanks guys!

Riad Rahba

Marrakech, Morocco

Great location for shopping in the souks, and cheap price. However when they showed us to the room the bathroom was wet and obviously someone had used the shower recently. Pretty sure the sheets weren't changed since the last guest either, since only one side of the sheet (not the bed, the actual bed sheet that touches you) smelled of sweat. That was gross. We asked for info on a trip to the desert and the older guy wouldn't leave us alone about booking it. Wouldn't stay there again.

Hostel Pisa Tower

Pisa, Italy

Had a really negative experience with the lady at the front desk, she was incredibly unpolite and later aggressive, I literally had to grab the phone off the reception desk and threaten to call the police to get her to give me a receipt for my stay, since I paid in cash. Would not go back there in a million years, and would recommend that you not give your money to those people. Period.

London Eye Hostel

London, England

I read all the bad reviews and didn't encounter the same problems, although while I was there (end of July) it never got ver hot. Staff was present and informative, nothing more. The common room didn't have much atmosphere, although it was comfortable enough and the WIFI was good. The bed was fine for me, although I got placed in one that didn't have the shelf/light/outlet as it shows on the photos. All in all I had a good visit, although it must be said that I only stayed for one night.

Bed&Bed Milan

Milan, Italy

Can't say too many good things about the hostel, it's a decent enough place to stay if you consider that in Milan all the hostels (and I mean ALL) are expensive and of average or below average quality. A plus was the seemingly unlimited hot water in the first floor shower. Towels and soap were appreciated, as was use of the computer with internet in the lobby. Negatives are too many to mention, but my major gripe would be the temperature in the room, the heaters weren't turned on until 6pm and then

Vita Nova

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Maybe I was there on a slow weekend, but although the common area had lots of tables I didn't see anyone there having a drink or being social in the evenings. Breakfast was great for a hostel. Rooms were small, but it's a boat. Guy working there seemed cool and very helpful. Overall I'd have to say that it's slightly overpriced, but for those not on an extremely tight budget it's a fun change from a normal hostel. Would stay again. Oh, the NEMO museum nextdoor - interesting, but NOT worth 12.50.

Leuven City Hostel

Leuven, Belgium

It was built from the ground up to be a hostel and it shows. With few exceptions, everything is brand new and well designed, common area is quite comfy (thank you for the free computer to use), the stove in the kitchen is SICK. The kitchen in general is sweet, although the utensils for cooking leave something to be desired. Only downside seemed to be the doorknobs, they are a new type that is not comfortable to use and the front door's was broken. Overall, I can highly recommended staying here.

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

I enjoyed it, wasn't there long enough to get a really good impression of the place but it was reasonably charming. The common area is like a bar, good opportunities to be social/meet people, beds were comfy, small supermarket right next door, staff are cool, location is fine. Downsides were no drinking your own alcohol after 5pm, showers were...strange. And the water was the most frustrating temperature, not cold but not hot either. Kind of lukewarm. All in all I would stay there again. :)

Youth Hostel Van Gogh (Chab)

Brussels, Belgium

Nothing spectacular, but decent. I would rate it as overpriced, especially considering the beds (the look like old, metal prison beds), and it's not particularly close to the center of the city although it's a pretty city so the walk in isn't bad. Read many comments about how annoying it was to put things in lockers every day, but didn't have to do that so no comment. All in all I will look for something different next time I'm in Brussels, but wouldn't freak out if I had to stay there again.

Travellers House

Lisbon, Portugal

Despite rating it 100% I don't want to give the impression that it's a comparable to a 5-star hotel, but for a hostel it's one of the best I've stayed in. Great ambiance, and the staff are pretty cool too. Being located Lisbon doesn't hurt, either. :) Cheers guys, keep up the good work.

Marmalade Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

A very negative experience there, Valerie Z. checked me in and showed me to my room with the bare minimum of courtesy, she seemed annoyed and I felt uncomfortable. An hour later she said I had problems with my paperwork and had leave, I asked to speak to her boss and she told me that she was the owner. After a long discussion she ended up calling the real owner (who she said did not speak English), told me I had to leave and physically pushed me towards my room to pack. Not pleasant at all.

Soul Kitchen Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

Had a great time there, ended up staying for a few more nights later that week, and had some grand parties in the kitchen. The only downside was that you have to be quiet after 11pm, but since I was there in the winter everyone was eating early, drinking early, and going out early, so there was no problem. Also there is one guy that works the graveyard shift there that actually lives in the hostel, sleeps in a bed during the say and all that, but he's friendly enough so no worries. :)

River Suites

Budapest, Hungary

Great spot to hole up for a weekend. Nice big bathtub, movies to watch, full kitchen, balcony to eat breakfast a home away from home. Thanks Akos!

Activity Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Had a really nice time there, it wasn't anything extraordinary, but a great place to hole up for a few days and not get bothered. Staff was nice, beds were comfy, I used the kitchen a lot. Not the place to be if you're looking to party in the hostel, by the way. Thanks for everything girls!

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

+'s - Staff was nice, common room was big and comfortable, location is right next to a bunch of bars/nightclubs (that were all open when I was there in July), air conditioning, free wifi, generally clean and tidy. -'s - lockers in rooms are next to use less since the holes are so big you can put your whole arms through them, breakfast was basically toast and orange juice or tea, room was noisy until 6am (you hear everything happening outside on the street), bunk beds were a little shaky/unstable, maybe


Had a great time, made good use of the rooftop deck, although the pool is only really useful for taking a quick dip when you're sunbathing. Staff was all pretty cool, chilled out and friendly. All in an above average hostel, I'll try to stay there again for sure if I ever make it back to Sevilla.

Four Courts Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

It was a little bit of a stroll from the Temple bar area, but definitely within drunken stumbling distance. Didn't get a chance to test out the guitar, but would have liked to. Breakfast was a bit drab but on par with typical hostel fare. Staff seemed chill and friendly, but didn't have a chance to test out the "fun" factor as we were only there for a night. Would stay there again for sure, although they need to oil the squeaky doors to the rooms! :) Keep up the good work Four Courts!