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Firstly, this is a very good hostel. Facilities are very decent, including an elevator, soap, shampoo/shower gel. I'm surprised that they went for a TV in rooms instead of lockers, given that their clientele is predominantly backpackers. There are lockers in the lobby, however. The one staff member I met seemed easy to talk to and there is a book with ideas on what to do. It's a colourful place but didn't always have the atmosphere I crave as a solo traveller. Overall, still a good place.


One of the best hostels I've stayed in. Definitely in my top 3. Thanks to the bar, there is always a good atmosphere in the evenings. Facilities are very good and staff are helpful. Price is good for Tokyo and shampoo/shower gel is provided. There is even an elevator, which was an unusual bonus for a hostel. I particularly liked the furniture/decor. Only things I'd change/add are more robust safes and hot water in taps to wash face/hands.

Crossroad Backpackers Hongdae

Seoul, South Korea

CB has a real homely, hostel feel to it. Everyone gets to know everyone. Perhaps I was lucky to be staying at the time of the Hallowe'en parties, as food and alcohol were available! If you're looking for hotel standards, this is not the place for you. Though, amazingly, shampoo, shower gel and even toothpaste is provided. The location, near the university, is good for night life and eateries. I had a good time and so I would recommend to those that don't mind openness. Cheers, Mason!

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Good hostel with nice common areas. Bar was usually lively. Very good location. En suite bathroom is a decent size. Breakfast was reasonable. Would be nice if there were communal showers as an option when those were in use. Also not sure why some of the outside toilets were locked. Wi-fi was a bit temperamental.

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Hi there! Thanks very much for your suggestions! Actually we do have communal showers on the 2nd floor. Just ask at reception for the key. :) All public toilets are open (unless they need to be fixed) except those for the staff. Because they are made of gold. And only WE use them....just joking. Actually they are made of Krypton. ;) I'd say our wifi is schizophrenic but thanks for the polite and charming term. Happy travels!

Hostel Strowis

Utrecht, Netherlands

I only stayed one night but my impression was that it is a peaceful hostel. Strangely, there are no locks on room doors, nor lockers in rooms. Instead, they have a code to get into the building. Staff seemed friendly and there are communal areas to meet other travellers, as well as a kitchen. Oddly, there were no ladders for top bunks, which posed my roommate a problem but there were tables and chairs in the rooms, which you don't get everywhere.

Hostel ROOM Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

I only stayed 1 night, so hard to give a detailed review but the hostel had a nice feel to it. There's a bar, communal areas to meet other travellers and a kitchen. There's breakfast in the morning and the staff seemed friendly. The boards suggested there are activities organised as well but I wasn't there long enough to enjoy them.

Flying Pig Uptown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I liked the vibe of the hostel and the communal areas in particular. As I mentioned to the manager, the potential of the bar could be even further realised with pub quiz nights, for example. The staff were very helpful. Room 32 had some problems -a few sockets/lights not working, nowhere to lay anything down, mildly frustrating lockers, no sink. There's a large space in the corner which could do with a small table and/or chair to help. Room 35, in contrast, was a lot easier to work with.

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Hi there, thanks a lot for your feedback. We can learn a lot from your experiences so we really appreciate you took the time to fill this out. Thanks for all your suggestions, we will definately look into it! Cheers, The Flying Pig

City Plus Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hong Kong isn't known for spectacular hostels so don’t expect much. I rented the 3-bed ensuite and it was a little cramped, as expected. It had what I needed except plug sockets (had to unplug the TV). Bathroom was very small. Nevetheless, the room felt secure and had what you needed to survive (A/C and hot shower!). It is an average hostel, but similar to what you’ll find elsewhere in HK for that price.

Siam House

Phuket, Thailand

I've seen a lot better in Thailand but the place has potential. Unfortunately, the serious drainage issues will need fixing before it moves up a level. In some rooms, the sink pours straight onto the floor; no pipes! When our toilet blocked up, we returned to find that staff had moved us to a new room. It was weird that they moved all of our stuff when we were out but I guess they were just trying to be helpful. It is in a very good location though; stones throw away from Patong beach.


Great place. No lift but otherwise hotel-like. A common-area downstairs and every room looks to have a balcony of sorts. I stayed in a twin private ensuite. The room had a TV and a HUGE fridge. Bathroom had an ant problem but it was manageable. All-in-all a nice place with a good location. You will certainly not be disappointed as I'd be very surprised if you could do better for the price. Don't forget your key at night as the front gate/reception will be closed when you return.

@Hua Lamphong

Bangkok, Thailand

Great hostel; almost a hotel. It probably would be a hotel had it had a lift. The lack of one was probably the only problem. It had common areas, a 24-hr reception and all the things you'd expect from a top hostel. The room had a TV, A/C and a fridge. The sink is outside the bathroom, but it wasn't an issue. The place was colourful and the staff were helpful. I would definitely recommend this place as the location is pretty central. i.e. You are not on Khao San Rd, but everything is nearby.

New Peking Guest House

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hostels in HK are notoriously basic. Nevertheless, NPGH had just about everything you could need in such a small room. I rented the 3-bed private ensuite and there is only just enough room to move. However, it did have AC and a fan, as well as a small fridge and TV. The owner/worker was very helpful in tending to our needs and I guess the only downside was the lack of a common room to meet fellow travellers. Chungking mansions may not have a great rep but HK isn't known for great hostels anyway.

Tiger Tims Place

Budapest, Hungary

This was a great hostel. Yes, there are cheaper ones out there but this hostel was clean and the people were good fun. The moment I walked through the door, I had someone sit me down and tell me what I could do there. I even ended up going caving, which I never would have known was available. There are communal laptops, a kitchen, and even bean-bags and DVD\'s for the lazy! The workers take you out every evening and ensure that you enjoy your stay. There are a sufficient number of bathrooms too!