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Totally fine hostel, a little hard to find but close to Zhongshan Park and a few tube stops. Bar is really nice, though not the most social - mainly people on laptops, but that's China hostels for you really. Staff were great, very clean, would visit again.

Balkan Han Hostel

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

No complaints, Unkas the owner is very helpful and friendly and its well located...definitely worth checking out.

Split Guesthouse & Hostel

Split, Croatia

No complaints at all, Josko, the owner, promotes a really social, laid back atmosphere and does anything he can to help, top, top host! Great location, good people.

Celica Art Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

One of the best hostels I've ever stayed in, really cool and friendly reception and bar staff. Easy to reach the centre on foot in 10-15mins, very welcoming place and it looks great too. Right in the middle of Metelkova, if you wanna party.

Vienna City Hostel

Vienna, Austria

Was a last-minute booking so wasn't expecting much....very clean, safe and with a decent location but completely lacking in atmosphere. Common area is too quiet and nobody there, so hard to meet other travellers. Staff very friendly though.

Mosaic House

Prague, Czech Republic

If you're a solo backpacker, avoid. Basically, a sprawling hotel with hundreds of guests, 99% of which seem to be organised groups of overseas students.No common area, you will not meet ANYONE here. Very clean and comfortable beds,but WIFI doesnt work at all (had to pay across the road to use internet, daily)&most things usually offered for free, you pay for here. Staff-friendly,but due to the sheer number of guests, always rushed off their feet.

Mosquito Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Best hostel Ive stayed in in Europe. Amazing staff, good atmosphere, free meal every night if you want it, great location and really clean. No complaints at all, would highly recommend!

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Thanks so much for your review. Spread the good word about Krakow and Mosquito Hostel :) Check our social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest for latest news from the hostel life and some travel inspirations Wish u a happy travel Mosquito Staff

Fabrika Hostel & Gallery

Vilnius, Lithuania

Good location, clean but a little basic....though this is the look they are aiming for. Staff were friendly, only downside was a lack of atmosphere in the common area but we did realise it'd be a more chilled out hostel when we booked.


Would recomend, really good location and decent value for money. Only downside was a lack of atmosphere in the common area, but I suspect this is because most guests seemed to be 'live-in' guests, perhaps working or studying in Riga. Staff were a little absent at times, but helpful when needed.

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Funny enough if you read the previous review (also with not a very high rating) you will realize that there is social atmosphere and party going on but as always it's a bit hard to maintain it in the low season. In the low season our maximum stay is 2 weeks. If people work or study in Riga, we try to help them get their own apartments and send them on their way.

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

Great little hostel, staff very friendly and helpful and on some nights, a real nice vibe here when there's a lot of people staying! Bar is cool,food is good, no complaints, would recommend to anyone!

Shuhe Doumi Hostel

Lijiang, China

First off, it takes forever to find the place and when you arrive, it appears they are still renovating the place. It's also located in a dodgy, dimly lit series of back alleys that you wouldn't want to navigate after say, 11pm. Basic as anything, but they recognise this and allow you to bring in food/drink from outside. Dog going berzerk all day/night, probably coz its a big boy and spends 90% of the time chained up. When fully functional, Doumi maybe okay.


We arrived at night and it took us 2.5hrs of walking up and down to find the place, intructions on how to get there are poor and despite being set several alleys off the main path, no signposts either. Staff very friendly and helpful though, but fairly basic.

Zhangjiajie Bajie Youth Hostel

Zhangjiajie, China

If you must go to Zhangjiajie, this is your best option, but dont expect much. Cleanliness is great, and the dorms are great too, but there us zero atmosphere - literally, it feels like you're staying in an abandoned building, staff are pretty much invisible. No safes/lockers. Decent and cheap, but you'll feel a bit alienated here.

Han Tang House

Xi'an, China

Hostel staff were great, very helpful and the place is clean and well-located....couple of complaints, though - 1) We were told we'd get a train station pickup, this never turned up and we had to get a taxi 2) While the dorms were very cheap and good value, the bar prices were ridiculous. I understand a pint of imported weissebier costing a fortune. What I dont understand, is how they can charge £2 for a small bottle of local water, that costs 10p in the supermarket 10yrds away.

Dragon King Hostel

Beijing, China

Great hostel, staff are excellent and speak great English - very helpful, they assist in booking all trips, onward transport etc and are very welcoming. Would recommend to anyone coming to Beijing!


Location good,place itself was almost like a stately home,decent. However,although the female staff member is friendly and helpful-AVOID the oddball guy in the glasses at all cost.The guy is rude,ignorant,seems to hate social interaction and offers no help.He thought an acceptable way of waking me up was to stand over me as I slept and bark words at me til I woke up.He's lucky he didn't get smacked in the jaw,it was an unpleasant surprise to say the least!