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MNL Boutique Hostel

Manila, Philippines

Love the place, it was my second time there

MNL Boutique Hostel

Manila, Philippines

Best hostel i've been to so far. The people make the place, most awesome friendly staff ever.

Indigo on Otres

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

nice place. friendly staff. There is a big of a rat problem that need addressed, not just at Indigo but at all the bungalows nearby on that side of the beach.

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Thank you for your comment, We are glad you enjoyed your stay with us at Indigo. Unfortunately Cambodia do not have a garbage system in place as it is still a 3rd world country. It is entirely impossible to get rid of rats. Catch 2, another 2 appear. Here at Indigo we take the issue seriously and do our best to minimise the problem. We have chicken wire around the bases of the bungalows to help prevent entry and we set traps up each night to catch any around our establishment. Thank you, Mgmt

The Mad Monkey

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

loved it. the staff are so incredibly awesome and helpful. it really is the perfect hostel.

Lotus Lodge

Siem Reap, Cambodia

the electric went out while i was eating dinner and the staff gave us some candles which attracted insects who took over the table and forced us to move. considering the area has frequent power outages a backup plan should be established for this scenario. the restaraunt staff was very polite, kind, and apologetic, however they were also extremely understaffed and it took an hour for dinner to be served. the aircon in the room also didn't work. the pool is very nice and the staff are very nice.

Dancing Elephant- Nanda

Koh Phangan, Thailand

I didn't like the fact that the owner kept my passport until departure, as it's illegal and also told me i'm not allowed to rent a scooter. I did however feel that he was looking out for my best interest which was good though. I accidentally checked out a day late and didn't realize it because i was staying somewhere else and lost track of time. the minimum 5 day rule during the full moon party was a pain for me for that reason.

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Hi, First thank you for your review, they are important for travelers and us. So, I propose to ALL my guests to keep the passport in my safe, it is true, but if you know than it is illegal it is simply because I give you a briefing, and when I speak about the dangers to rent a vehicle I explain you that you cannot rent a scooter without leaving you precious document. Every days guests whom wish to rent a vehicle come to ask for there passport, and I give it after a new briefing about the dangers. Many places are not requesting 5 nights..up to you to choose on line. Unfortunately, you didn't spoke about your proper stay, the fun, the security, the cleanliness, the atmosphere, the subjects which are really concerning travelers. And specially Full Moon party travelers. Once again, thank you for your review:)


overall it was a good hostel. cheap and affordable. people there were really kind of boring though. nobody really liked to go out and drink after a day or surfing despite 2 dollar beers round the corner. the 11 o clock quiet time is lame as well. if quiet time starts at 11pm and ends at 8am. who needs 9 hours of sleep? staff are very friendly. i would recommend this to someone on a budget, but some with more money should go elsewhere.