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La Magnolia B&B

Verona, Italy

The staff was great. We arrived at one of the buildings and since there was a closer location with room the owner took us to the second location. The hostel was very clean and close to the city center. The kitchen was also Always clean and stocked which was a pleasant surprise. I would stay here again.


At first the staff seemed closed off, however, after the first night everyone had really opened up. There was a real sense of community within the hostel. I love when everyone in a hostel can come together and just enjoy eachothers company. It really made the stay very fun.

Tourist House Santa Croce

Florence, Italy

The hostel was the dirtiest hostel I've ever stayed at to date. Also, It's not the hostel's fault, however, my food was eaten and opened after just one night. A tip would be to keep your non-perishables in your own room. The rooms were also awkward. I stayed in a 6 bed mixed dorm and there was a full-sized bed right in the middle of the room. The only thing I enjoyed were the guests. The hostel worker, although he seemed like a nice guy wasn't useful if you couldn't speak Italian.

Manena Hostel

Genoa, Italy

This hostel was very clean and pleasant for the price.


Zurich, Switzerland

This hostel is a bit far from the city center. I only stayed for one night since I had a long layover. However, I chose this hostel because I thought I could make it to the city center by a short walk. I first had a hard time finding the hostel since it's a little tucked away. After finally reaching it and speaking to the receptionist I was told there was a 'short' 40 minute walk to the city center. What was neat was the fact that there's a bar and lounge and it's also in an area with night spot

Old City Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Not only is this hostel located right across the Street from the Blue Mosque and the Aya Sofia, the staff was exceptional. The staff Always went out of their way to make sure their guests had fun and really brought the guests together so that the hostel felt more like an extended family instead of just a collection of travellors. I really enjoyed my time and would recommend this hostel to anyone.


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Killarney Railway Hostel

Killarney, Ireland

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Old Town Brasov Hostel

Brasov, Romania

The location was perfect. Just a short walk to the city center. Also, the staff was the best part. They were always willing to go out of their way for the guests.

Happy Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

The Happy Hostel staff was incredible. They really went out of their way to help make our stay great.