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Phong Nha Hotel

Hue, Vietnam

Good hotel for all the basics and very good location and helpful staff. Drawback was the cleanliness: there was still bath water in the bath when we arrived, and there was a lot of beard hairs all over the sink in the bathroom. The toilet seat also was very dirty and we had to clean it again in order to use it. We ordered breakfast to go and the omelette was completely uncooked and raw so we has to throw it in the bin.

Hanoi Lucky Guesthouse

Hanoi, Vietnam

We booked a train ticket out of Hanoi with the guesthouse and angrily realised we were grossly overcharged by over 200% when we got on the train and asked other passengers how much they paid for the cockroach ridden cabin. We immediately contacted the guesthouse and we were refunded part of the money. Other than this nightmare, the guesthouse was excellent and good value for money and in a great location. Would have given 10/10 if it weren't for this situation. Be careful what you book here.

Sopha House

Luang Prabang, Laos

Fantastic location on the river with beautiful scenery and the best restaurants in Luang Prabang, there are posh, more expensive hotels neighbouring this one so its really good value for money. Staff were great, we hired bikes free of charge and our laundry was done within a few hours and smelled great. Bathroom could have been cleaner some parts were a bit mouldy. A bit awkward to get to so we just told the tuktuk driver to go to the nearest temple and we asked a local where to go from there.

The North Hotel

Chiang Rai, Thailand

redeeming factor of this hotel is the fantastic location. the room was not cleaned properly, there were wrappers in places and the toilet needed flushing. the door to the room was left unlocked all the time and we were NOT allowed to have a key to lock it (i have never experienced this). staff were average, except for one man who really wanted to help despite having no English. we decided to shorten our stay and thankfully we got our money back.

Aoi Garden Home

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Very quirky and cute hostel with friendly and helpful staff and in a great location. Room padlock was a bit dodgy which compromised security a little as we had to use our own. Few too many mosquitos/cockroaches/geckos in our room and toilet for our liking but that is to be expected when you're in Thailand. Room also had many sharp edges, I cut my hand twice on two window frames. Overall great value for money but if you aren't good with bugs/want a better quality room maybe look elsewhere.

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I am sorry about the mosquitos and other insects annoying you, since it is the rainy season currently, and the tranditional Thai wooden house can't advoid such problems. When this happened, you should have come and tell us, we would help to use the insectcide to kill them, besides, don't open the mosquito net, they would fly in and you would accidentally get hurt by the edge. I am sorry about this, we'll try to make it better, thank you for your advice.

Sam's House

Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Had it not been for the unhelpful and unwelcoming staff, I would have given a high rating. The location is good, the rooms are air conditioned and the wifi is good. However, from the moment we arrived we were made to feel like a chore, and when we asked for information/maps/help she would irritably say 'I don't know' or shove tourist trap leaflets under our nose. Everything else about this hostel is very good, the tropical sounds in the garden at night are very peaceful.

Sivarin Guesthouse

Bangkok, Thailand

The staff were absolutely fantastic, very welcoming and very helpful. We received two free bottles of water and breakfast everyday, as well as shampoo and conditioner available to use if you wanted to. Wifi was a little dodgy in the rooms but there was a desktop computer just downstairs which was always free to use and worked perfect. Very easy to navigate there from the airport by sky train and tuk tuk or taxi. The main road about 2 minutes from the hostel had plenty of public transport.

AWA Amsterdam Budget Youth Guesthouse

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great low budget place to stay in Amsterdam, very secure and private, wonderful helpful staff and a lot of freedom if you want to come and go as you please. Fantastic, thanks for a wonderful holiday! :)

4 Friends

Palermo, Italy

absolutely perfect in every way. giuseppe and andrea are the best couple in the entire world and really made our stay excellent in palermo.

Hostel Firenze

Palermo, Italy

the hostel is excellent if you're looking for a good time, as the street is full of really cheap and cheerful bars and restaurants. it is in a great location in the centre of Palermo, close to all public transport and shopping areas. only problem was the showers were mostly cold and the staff werent particularly helpful with giving us information on anything, as they didnt seem to really know much about Palermo/werent interested in helping. lovely terrace though and very easy going!

Fabric Hostel & Club

Naples, Italy

this was hands down the best place we stayed in italy considering the price! clean, secure, great staff and plenty of information regarding travel and hot spots etc. and the chef is hot!


this place was ok to stay in apart from you can barely move in the rooms because they are so narrow. the bunk beds are really rickety and also when you have a shower water just goes EVERYWHERE. breakfast is not included and isnt even served extra and considering youre paying 25 euro a night you do kind of expect it to be better. best thing about it was the location, apart from that, its pretty rubbish for what youre paying.

Hotel Bussola

Capri, Italy

this place was really beautiful and in a very quiet area of town. the staff were really friendly and bubbly and they gave us really nice juice free on arrival. worst thing was its soooo hard to find and the showers were ice cold all the time!!

Ulisse Deluxe

Sorrento, Italy

i thought i walked into the wrong place when we got there, because for 20 euro per night you dont expect a five star looking hotel, free air conditioning, gorgeous bathrooms and RIGHT next to a beautiful beach!!!! and the breakfast was probably the best breakfast i have ever had in my life!