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The India Hostel is locatied in the outscirts of NO, but the nearby tram, takes you to the French Quarter in 25 min. A 100-year-old-villa and serveral older wooden buildings form a courtyard, with an excellent atmosphere and good opportunity to meet other travellers. Also there is a pool in the yard. The value for money is excellent, great food (breakfest an dinner) is can be ordered for an additional price. The staff was correct, but not overwhelmingly friendly. Best option for a stay in NO!


I don´t know, what kind of insects are living in the beds of this hostel, but I´m still suffering from them.

Ave Gratia Plena

Salerno, Italy

Great Location in an old monastery-buildung in the heart of the historical City fof Salerno. Free internet is available. Bicycles available as well, which offers a good opportunity to explore the Amalficoast, but the bicycles urgently need a complete servicecheck.

4 Friends

Palermo, Italy

Giuseppe, the owner of the hostel offers the full integration. Common cooking with other guests, going out for eating and drinking as well. He knows all bars of the city and gives advices where to go in the city (with rail-timetables!!!) The location is excellent, in the very center of the town, but only 10 min walk to the railwaystation. Next again there!

Mister Hostel

Lviv, Ukraine

The hostel is located in the first floor of an old, unrenovated building from the beginning of the 20st century, the entrance area is somewhat "special". All staffmembers know english, which is not usual in Ukraine. Facilities are renewed and really ok. Nice kitchen.