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Meiga Backpackers

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Good hostel. A lot of volunteers though in the hostel. It was run by 7!!! volunteers while I was there. Number of guests was probably less. They mean well and make a unforgettable theme night each week. While I was there it was Indian night.

Oporto Invictus Hostel

Porto, Portugal

Nicest staff I have ever seen, all of them. Nicely looking hostel, great living room with huge television. The route description to the hostel that is on is not good. Best thing is just to look the adress up at google maps and than just look at the road from the busstation to the hostel yourself.

Jacobs Inn

Dublin, Ireland

Hostel is huge. This is not a downside, but groupbookings can be a downside. They can cause noisyness and busy kitchens. Staff is friendly and helpfull.

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Thanks for your feedback.

Brazen Backpackers

London, England

The Hostel has a bar. In this bar you are not allowed to drink or eat your own stuff. They have a common room aswell, but this one is not really worth mentioning. Really small and if you are up the top floor you need to go down a couple of stairs. Room lacked a small taple of some sort. Wifi although available, only in the bar. I couldnt connect. Breakfast is simple, but pretty much standard hostel breakfast, toast Jam, coffee..

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

Really good hostel. Very close to the central station. The Free pasta is a thing everybody is using :P. Think the kitchen is the place where the most of the interaction is with the other people. Computer room is too big, lots of space unused. Livingroom is great with tv, but when I was there there where not a lot of people. The Sauna!!! Great!!!! I'll come back for sure...

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Hej Jomme, thank you for the review! You are right, the Internet Lounge is huge, but it's just because we have sent for new tables and they haven't arrived yet... Cool that you enjoyed the kitchen and free sauna. We do our best to create chances for our guests meet each other, since you are all such awesome people! See you next time, Lena

PLUS Camping Michelangelo

Florence, Italy

The same as in Rome except here is no swimmingpool. The thing is though, the views is amazing, unforgettable. You can take a bus to the city, but the walk is easy to make aswell, if you don\'t mind walking a bit of stairs.

Camping Fabulous

Rome, Italy

It was a nice place to escape the crowded and hot city of rome. It takes a little while to go the the campsite, but once there it is soooo relaxing to take a dip in the pool and relax. Really what you need during the summer !!!


A hotel, not a hostel. Far from the city center and was hard to find. Nothing to do during the night because you are far away from all the excitement.


A nice hostel to stay in, but not really my cup of tea. It is a little bit to big for my taste. Other hostels, like casa babylon in malaga have give a nice home feeling. This one seems more a commercial factory. One of the popular hostels, for people who feel popular them selves.

Casa Babylon Backpackers

Malaga, Spain

Had a blast here. I am returning here that's for sure. Has a nice home-like appearance. The bar is perfect as well.

Nuevo Suizo

Seville, Spain

Had a nice stay here for the few nights I was here. But that's pretty much it. The staff is pretty exact about the checking in en checking out times. So check in is at 14:00, but If you will arrive at 12:00 you'll have to wait in the lobby for 2 hours.

Living Lounge Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

One of the best hostels I stayed in. The rooms are all very stylish decorated. And antonio, one of the cooks is a very nice persons who cooks lovely. For only 8 euros you're having a 3 course meal with as much red wine as you want. Under the bed there are free lockers to use, you can put your whole backpack in there. A nice airconditioned computer/television are is a good place to watch a film or send a email. If I am in Lissbon again, I am 100 percent sure I'll go back.

Apartment Gotor 9

Zaragoza, Spain

Not really a hostel. More a apartment you rent. There is no staff available. You can't just walk up to the hostel to see what it is like. We were there 2 hours before we said we'd arrive. Could not even get in. Waited for two hours and a guy shows up to let us in. The guy was nice though. But still.

Indigo Youth Hostel

Valencia, Spain

Nice hostel, the Pub Crawl is good! Only bad thing is that sometimes they rent a entire dorm to a schoolclass or something like that.