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The Bulldog

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nice Clean Hostel. Staff very helpful and nice.

Smyle Inn

New Delhi, India

The security is good with locked doors and a reception. Location is awful in a bad area with many people trying to scam you.There isnt a place for you to meet other backpackers it is more like a hotel. The room is very nice and the air conditioning works with good HBO and movie channels. The wifi doesn't work too well. Overall it is a good value for your money considering the single room is very nice. Be careful the tours at the hotel they are overpriced.

Travellers Inn

Mumbai, India

Staff were great here! Some of the best staff I have had at a hotel. Location wasn't good as it was in a bad area and as soon as i walk out I am getting harassed by many pushy people for spare change. Also a lot of scams. Security was great at the hostel in one bedrooms. The TV was awesome. They have HBO and plenty of movie channels. the room was nice for the price. The wifi worked ok. But didn't work too well late at night. Overall Great value for the money.

No 26D

Kandy, Sri Lanka

This is a family run hotel. The Family is very nice and helpful. They treat there guests with respect and are very kind people. They have a nice family. The single rooms are a moderate size with a fan. I didn't see any air conditioning. the showers did not have warm water. The security was excellent and so was the location near the lake and city. the Hotel is very nice. It is very private and almost like a large multi-story house.

Tropic Inn

Colombo, Sri Lanka

They do not have a safety deposit box at the front desk or luggage storage. A problem if you need to keep your things there or store luggage. i left my luggage sitting there in the front desk of the hotel. I was headed to Kandy and did not want to take it. I was lucky and nothing was stolen. The Hotel has excellent value and a nice free breakfast. the wifi is weak. The Hotel has a great location within 1 block of the beach.

Siem Reap Rooms

Siem Reap, Cambodia

I have traveled to about 65 countries and stayed at at least 80 hostels. This hostel has the most friendly and helpful staff i have seen at any hostel by far. They treat you with respect no matter where you are from. Plus they are helpful. The staff will carry your bags for you with a smile. They are knowledgeable about tours and prices in Angkor wat. I had some health problems and they helped me. The hotel is also very clean and you can get a very nice single bedroom for an affordable price.

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Hi, Thank you for your 100% rating! We are delighted you found our hostel to have the most friendly and helpful staff from 80 hostels and 65 countries! This is truly an honor for us, we are so thrilled to read your review. We are so happy your enjoyed your stay with us. We look forward to seeing you again. All the best, Jia, General Manager

Bodega Phuket

Phuket, Thailand

I have stayed at over 80 hostels around the world. This is the only Hostel I visited for a second time. I came back to it after recovering from a bad experience in a Vietnamese hospital due to some medical issues. I made friends with the hotel staff. They took me out to Bangla road in Patong. Some staff were more friendly than others but overall it was great experience. I would recommend the Hostel to friends and family.

Aoi Garden Home

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The hostel price is a good value. The Hostel has a beautiful garden in it. The food at the bar is a good value and is very healthy. The staff were nice enough to give me a good room when they were fully booked. But once it rained there were lots of bugs and rats in the courtyard and roaches in my room. I was awoken from my sleep and told to leave the hostel. Then they allowed me to stay one more night. But they were very disrespectful and yelled at me after agreeing tohave me stay one more night

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Dear Chris, I'm sorry about the insects that come with a garden, especially when it is raining. We do our best to keep everyone happy and gave you a private room for the cost of a dorm. We had to wake you when it was past checkout time as someone else had already booked the room. We sorted out other accommodation for them so that you could stay an extra two nights pass your original booking. I'm sorry if you felt disrespected in any way.

Lub d Bangkok Silom

Bangkok, Thailand

Clean hostel. Very nice place. But poor value. I thought the restaurant was more like a refrigerator with a few water bottles in it. They had a poor choice of food items to choose from which were mostly microwavable poor quality food. I thought it was expensive for what you got. The staff were not very helpful and were inpatient. They did not provide very good tourist information. They treated me as if they just wanted to get rid of me to help the next guest.


Hong Kong, Hong Kong

This is a nice Hostel in a good location. But it is pricey somewhat for a big dorm. The staff are nice and are knowledgeable about tours. they have a pub crawl which is good for meeting people.


Security and lockers were great. Location was far away from the downtown area and subway. About 10-15 minute walk. Staff were rude and barely spoke English.The least amount of English I have heard from staff out of all the hostels I have stayed at. I have stayed at around 80 hostels. Plus they didn't even have any useful or readable tourist maps! No Tours or useful tourist information. Staff couldn't even give me directions to a restaurant 3 blocks away.

Han Tang Inn Hostel

Xi'an, China

The staff are very nice. The hotel is nice as well. i had a good experience here. The wi-fi doesn't work too well. great common rooms with a pool table. Great food at the restaurant. Location is average. Good value however.

365 Inn

Beijing, China

I got the 2 bed room. It was shared with a room mate. The Hostel is very nice with a large bar and restaurant. It is a good value and the staff are very nice. The food at the restaurant is affordable and average quality. The staff are nice and friendly. Could speak more English as most guests speak it. Great location and atmosphere.

Backpackers INSIDE

Seoul, South Korea

I stayed in this hostel in a 1 bedroom. This was after i stayed in the all male dorm which was awful. The hostel is nicer than the all male dorm. The 1 bedroom in the hostel is small. It was the smallest room I have stayed in while in my travels. And I have been to over 65 countries and 80 hostels. But regardless it was a good value. The bathrooms were very dirty and were shared. The common area was nice and had some movies to choose from. A free computer and refrigerator to use as well.

Backpackers INSIDE

Seoul, South Korea

When i stayed here. I thought to myself, 'How did this Hostel score so high on average on website?' It baffled me. I stayed here in the all male six bed dorm room. I was led outside into this dark alley where my dorm room was a street or two away from the Hostel. Yes! my room was unattached to the hostel in a dark alley. In this smelly old hot room with six bunk beds. The bathroom was disgusting and the all male dorm room wasn't very nice. The all female dorm is nicer attached to the hostel.

Reggae Mansion Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

having problems with the key board. Very Nice staff.

Travellers Inn

Singapore, Singapore

Very Nice clean Hostel with a free breakfast in the morning. Offers tours and wifi. Good value near the bus station and mall.


Lockers are very old and bent. Location is great near the beach and a buffet for $1.Staff are very nice and kind. Very friendly people when I stayed and good atmosphere. Not very clean. Very hot here and no air conditioning and only fans. Value is very good for your money.


Has lockers of average quality. Location is ok. Staff are very helpful and nice. Large kitchens and pool tables with laundry. Somewhat dirty and not well kept. Needs remodeling. Average value. Average facilities.

YHA Wellington City

Wellington, New Zealand

Everything is nice about this Hostel. Except The staff could be more respectful to guests. I had issues with the cost of wifi and they argued with me and did not give me a refund initially. They have wifi and a large kitchen. Lockers and dorm rooms at a reasonable price.

Blarneys Rock Backpackers

Rotorua, New Zealand

Good hostel. Very nice big kitchen and common area. Close to the bus station. Average staff.

Luna's Castle Hostel

Panama City, Panama

The hostel is in a brilliant location but is very poorly staffed. i found only 1 or two staff memebrs to be very helpful. But many staff memebrs have avery poor attitude and are very rude. I also found the people who stay at the Hostel to be very clickish and they only stayed in groups of people that belonged to their country of origin. People overall were not very friendly at this hostel. Howver it is a nice hostel with a good view. It has a good location also.

Hostel Casa del Parque

San Jose, Costa Rica

The staff ar every friednly and helpful. They will giv eyou advice on thing sto do in Costa Rica along with many tours. The hostel is large and well secured. It is a classy looking hostel from the interior and provides many amenities including a lukewarm shower... which is good. I met alot of nice people and the hostel over all was pretty laid back. I am glad I stayed at this hostel. It was fair priced and had good location near the park. The hostel provides lockers and is very well secured.