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HI Boston

Boston, USA

THe HI-Boston is a great option. Extremely new, great facilities, nice environment... A bit pricy, though, but it is understandable.

HI Washington DC

Washington DC, USA

Generally, the hostel is a very good option. Extremely well-located, it has easy access to Union Station (3 subway stops and a short walk) and to most touristic attractions. The rooms are big with several beds, and the air conditioning was a little too strong, but the place is good. More common areas and activities (so people would drop their smartphones and interact more) would make it an even better place to stay.

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Thank you for your great feedback and review! If only we could outlaw electronics. We do try and have our activities, and wi-fi only on the lower levels (common areas) to promote interaction between guests. We are constantly working on our atmosphere and your review helps, thank you for that. Please stay with us again sometime and see what improvements have been made. Safe travels, Christina

Old City Philly House

Philadelphia, USA

This is definitely the best hostel I've ever been in the United States. Great, helpful and friendly staff, interesting leisure activities, excellent modern infrastructure, perfect location in Old Town, in a quiet street two-blocks from some atractions. The rooms are nothing unique, but the bed is comfortable and the rule of no-food in the rooms helps keeping them clean. I will miss the days I've spent there.

Vanderbilt YMCA

New York, USA

Vanderbilt YMCA has one of the best locations in Manhattan. With a fully equiped gym, it is a great short-stay point in NYC. The rooms are extremely tiny (as most in town), but there is the plus of having individual rooms for a very fair price. Improvements would be better common areas, which would allow more interaction with other travelers.

Hostel Aphrodite

Athens, Greece

The hostel is ok, but not much more than that... The wifi wasn't working, so the credit cards. The staff is amazing, really helpful. There is no room for getting together besides the bar, but you cannot bring your own drinks. It is near Victoria Square, which is almost a walking distance from main spots.

Vegas Hostel

Bratislava, Slovakia

Vegas Hostel has a great cost-opportunity relation, and is really well situated in a very nice city to visit. It is pretty small and coasy. One thing I missed was coffee in the breakfest, but that maybe just me and my habits.


Yoho is a very good hostel, with a fantastic staff and where you can have a very pleasant time but, as everything in Salzburg, it is considerably expensive (comparing to other hostels). The breakfast could be included, then the price would be reasonable. But in town, it is possibly the best option!


Easy Palace is not too far (neither that close) to the city's main train station, which is close to everything. The price is good, and the instalations are fine also. The room is not too small for the number of beds, but sharing the toilet with 8 (and having no other options, like toilets in the corridors) is a bit annoying.

Barra Guest Hostel

Salvador, Brazil

Barra Guest Hostel is just great, there are really not enough words to describe it... during my time at the hostel, there were several activities to entertain the guests and to bring everyone together, so we could meet eachother... I've met lots of great people due to that! Also, it is really well located, clean, safe and the staff is really helpful to the guests. Any help we needed, at any time, they were there for us. I really recomend it for anyone who's staying in Salvador.