Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Greece, Gender: Male, Age: 27

YHA London St Pancras

London, England

I only stayed there for a night but I really liked it and would definetely recommend it. The location was excellant, and the hostel was very nice inside. I also found very convinient the lamp and plug next to your bed so that you won't annoy the rest by turning on the lights. Maybe the only problem that I noticed, was the lack of door lock in the shared toilet of the room but maybe that was just an exception. And maybe they could remove a bed from the 5 bed dorms so that there is so more space.

LSE Passfield Hall

London, England

Excellent place to stay in London. Stuff was really helpful and breakfast was superb. I really enjoyed my stay there and I would recommend it to anyone. The only minor problem was the lack of a big sign in front of the door in order to be able to recognize it easily from a distance. I got lost the first time, resulting in doing rounds of the park until I asked someone that helped me. Other than that, it was perfect!