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Rome, Italy

The hostel isn´t really a hostel. Its more like a pension (guesthouse). The breakfast is not included, they don´t offer a common area or even a kitchen. Its in the last floor of an old building. But the guy that was in the "reception" when we first got there - Sergio - was really helpful and friendly. The other people I saw working in the hostel was not that friendly. It´s very close to the Termini Station. Its clean and they changed our towels every single day (we were in a double room).

PLUS Berlin

Berlin, Germany

The hostel was the best one we ever stayed. Its a hostel that has everything a hotel does. Its huge, looks nice, very clean, has a swimming pool, sauna, a very big bar/restaurant and the breakfast is definelly worth (you pay separatelly). And the staff is very friendly. DO RECOMMEND IT!

Dublin International (YHA)

Dublin, Ireland

The hostel is big, clean and organized. The staff was helpful to us. The two brazilian guys from the reception were very very friendly. The breakfast area is in an old church and it´s very different and nice. It´s well located, and the area seems secure. Would stay here again!

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Many thanks for your comments. We do our best to make sure your stay is an enjoyable one. We hope to see you again on any future visits to Dublin. Kindest regards Misty Dublin International Hostel

Brazen Backpackers

London, England

The hostel and the rooms are quite big, but it’s really really dirty. The staff is weird - not only one person of there was helpful. The breakfast is terrible, and once it´s finished they kick you out of the pub (where the breakfast is served) to clean it up. The TV room has only a few chairs, there is no sofa. And it smells musty. Wouldn´t recommend it, at all.


The Pub is OK, but the rooms are awful. Full of people and it has no space between the triple beds. Its not very clean. The lockers are outside of the room and are extremely small. Its really hard to feel secure over there. My mobile was stolen inside the room. It doesn’t have kitchen and you are not allowed to bring food or drinks inside the hostel. The breakfast is terrible. The staff is not good at all. Only one guy, from Barcelona, was friendly. Wouldn’t recommend it.

Lisbon Dreams Guesthouse

Lisbon, Portugal

The hostel is great. It´s clean, looks nice, the staff is really helpful and the breakfast has fruits, yogurt, juices, cake, cheese, ham and homemade croissant and bread. I DO recommend it!

Che Lagarto Hostel Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The place is awesome, its very well located and it has a great character. The staff is also very friendly, BUT, they don´t know how to serve the customer. When I entered the place it took almost 40 minutes until someone could complete my check in. And then I had to switch the room (at 11AM) and it was, again, almost 40 minutes so someone could tell me what to do. And the answer: "Sorry, but I still don´t know where you are staying. You need to wait until 2PM to find that out." Not very clean...

Sampa Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

well located to go to bars and restaurants, safe area, very clean. Average breakfast. Met really nice people there, made good friends and went out with then. Ó DO BORGODO is the BEST!

Keleti Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I have to admit this hostel is unique. Its not a hostel accuatlly, its more like a flat with unknow people. For me, travelling by myself, it was great. Because it has only capacity for about 20 peolpe so its really easy to get to know the people staying there. But the place is not clean at all. The windows were broken, the showers dont work properly and it is really noisy. And its about 30 minutes walking to the city centre. But I would stay there again if I have not much money.

Corner Hostel

Berlin, Germany

The Hostel was really far from the centre of Berlin. And another thing that really worried me is that in 4 days I stayed at the hostel, I had to deal with about 8 different staff from the reception. Crazy.. No fun at all. The place didnt have no one staying there, no nice bars near, and they had no information about what to do. But there was 1 guy that was really helpfull there. Thats about it.

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

The only problem about the hostel is that it doesnt have a kitchen. But verything else is great about the place.