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The place has a friendly, helpful bunch of staff.

Hotel Rama Deluxe

New Delhi, India

The room was very cold. When pointed out, I was told that I could rent a heater. The rent would be Rs. 500 (about $8). One doesn't expect to be charged extra for basic amenities. Winter nights in New Delhi are very cold. But for this discomfort, the facility was O.K. The staff was very friendly.

Backpacker Palace Hotel

Hanoi, Vietnam

There is not even a hook to hang the clothes on, in the room. Do they expect the guest to put them on the floor?


The least one expects from a dorm facility is for every resident to have a separate key. Otherwise, each one is at the mercy of others in the room. What if the othrs forget to leave the key with the receptionist?

Extol Inn Youth Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

The fee charged for the Internet use a little too high. In most hostels I stayed it was free. Otherwise, every service was worth the money paid.

Tatamka Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

The room I got was facing the road. Noisy traffic all night was quite a disturbance. But the pleasing manners of those girls at the reception were a redeaming feature.

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Dear Prabakaran, thanks for your comment. We decided to offer anti-noise earplugs for those of our guests wanting to have a good sleep in the rooms that are facing tamka street. They are available free of charge at the reception. I hope you will visit us on your next trip to Warsaw. It was a pleasure to have you here. Regards, Mike


Those on the staff have pleasing manners.