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Location: USA, Age: 32

Encore Express Hotel/Hostel

San Francisco, USA

A lot of previous reviews complain about the noise. My room was on the 2nd floor (the music studio is in the basement) and the noise was not an issue. And it did stop promptly at 11:15.The staff was very helpful and the facilities were extremely clean. The major downside, as others have mentioned, is that there isn't a communal area to meet the other travelers. Re: security, it was a non-issue -- there are homeless people around, but that's just how it is in San Fran, and it's not dangerous.

Hostel Urbano

San Jose, Costa Rica

Solid hostel in an area with solid nightlife. The beds were nice, but there was quite a bit of noise in the mornings -- there's a train that passes starting pretty early. Very clean. Fantastic staff. Internet is shaky.

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thank you for your comments!


It's hard to rate this hostel definitively because it's just starting out. I'm sure in a few months it'll be much better. But as of now, it's no more than a decent bed to crash for a night in an uninteresting part of town. When I was there there most staff was out of town or something, so I had to wait for my keys. The room I signed up for wasn't available, but I was given a replacement. Turned out the keys I was given didn't work. Etc, etc, etc. Basically, they're trying to get it together.

M Montreal

Montreal, Canada

One of the best hostels I've ever stayed at. Great location. Super clean and modern looking. Everything is new. Each bed has its own electrical outlet. Easy to meet people and most nights there is an activity planned -- the activities on the two days I was there were both not my style, but at least there was something.

Clarence Castle

Toronto, Canada

The hostel was very clean, comfortable and secure, but fairly quiet. A great place to get a good night of sleep, a bad place if you want to meet others to party with, in part because there's not a solid hangout area. The hostel is actually split into two adjacent buildings, each with its own hangout area, and neither area gets a good critical mass. Luckily the party hostel (Canadiana) is just around the corner.

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The hostel is actually 3 building! And no one hangs out in the 2 TV areas in the summer! They are all on the large deck on the roof with free barbecue! This is were the guests all gather in the fabulous summer months! Sorry you did not want to join in like we suggested. Well, have fun getting drunk at the Canadiana!

Canadiana Backpackers Inn

Toronto, Canada

Party hostel.. arranges things to do every night. Very easy to meet people. Clean. Good location / facilities.

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Glad that you enjoyed your time with us and got the chance to meet new people!! We hope you come back to our hostel soon!

TIU Front Page Hostel

Odessa, Ukraine

The prototypical party hostel. Very fun crowd. Everyone goes out every night and does not come back until like 6am+. So it's actually quieter at like noon than 6am. The place is very clean, esp. considering the party atmosphere. The beds are pretty uncomfortable, but bearable. Highly recommend if you're looking for a good time.

Sumo Cat Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

A very nice, clean hostel. Big kitchen, nice beds. Everything in great working order. Helpful staff. Location is good, but not super. Takes about a 10-15 min uphill walk to get to Taksim square and several tram stops to get to Sultanahmet. Not a party hostel.. even though there's space to meet others, no one used them much during my stay. AC can be turned on all day (this is important and not the case at some other hostels!)

Villa Park

Brasov, Romania

The highlight of my trip. By far. It is not easy to get to but SO worth the trouble. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful rustic building. Fresh air. Amazing hiking. Fresh breakfast in the morn. Etc, etc, etc. Could not recommend more highly.