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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 32

The Explorers Guesthouse and Hostel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Decent hostel, with these downsides: Small lockers outside room (can't use own lock), wifi only on first floor, and it might not work with US laptops (on channel 12/13/14 which US laptops can't see due to US radio laws). NO PRINTER for boarding passes. Mosquito problem on 1st floor. Social atmosphere decent. Otherwise, good rooftop, well-designed 1st floor, great location, clean dorm with decent beds, lots of exercise climbing the stairs. I'd certainly come back often if minor issues fixed.

The New Day

Busan, South Korea

This hostel is nearly on par with the Portuguese hostels (easily the best in the world). Everything was well-planned, clean, and efficient. Laundry's only 3k, or free if you hang dry. The common area on the roof is excellent. I can't say much about the vibe here as it was a bit quiet when I visited, but I'll definitely stay here on my next visit.

Seoul Base Camp

Seoul, South Korea

I had a pretty bad time here--when I arrived the tents had become rooms of rickety bunks after a code violation. I stayed as it looked ok at first, and left after becoming fed up with: - no proper bathrooms with locks/doors (fixed) - early morning construction noise & paint mess - creepy vibe during works This is all forgettable and I would have been happy just leaving, but then the owner refused to refund 2 of the nights (w/1 day notice), claiming lost revenue. Now that's just bad business.

Owner Comment (Hide)
We are very sorry about your experience. We had a last minute renovation due to a new fire marshall's order. We should have directed you to a different hostel for the duration of the construction but we haven't because the work suppose to be over by then. However, it was delayed for a few days and we are terribly sorry. We hope you had a good time for the rest of your travels and wish you the best. - Jake


(only commenting on the atmosphere, the rest is fine!) This hostel does pretty much everything right, and is certainly not ashamed to be "old"--it's shabby, weathered, but in an extremely comfortable way. I only stayed a couple nights and wholeheartedly regret not choosing Qingdao as a place to relax for a week or two here. The library upstairs is serene, and the bar/coffee shop, while expensive compared to outside, is probably the best lounge space I've seen in a hostel ever. Stay here.

Arenal Backpackers Resort

La Fortuna, Costa Rica

This hostel is clean and well-located. I had a bad experience though, due to the following: 1) "exchange" rate--you are penalized 10% for using colones. Nobody else in CR does this, because it's greedy. 2) No kitchen and no breakfast included. 3) My reservation was discarded when I arrived 10 minutes late from the bus at 4:10, and I was sent out. I came back after two nights in a soulless motel. 4) towels not included. Good hostel, but could be legendary without the price gouging.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Hi, We apologize for your bad experience staying in Arenal Backpackers resort. The exchange rate we have is $1 = 510. This is the exchange rate use by banks. Not trying to be greedy. We understand that some other people will give you a different exchange rate and because it is a different currency it seems higher, but to give you an idea the difference between a 500 and a 510 rate in you room is 150 clolones ($0.30). At the same time most of our prices are in dollars for your benefit, so next time you can pay in dollars or colones! Kind regards

Ace Inn Shinjuku

Tokyo, Japan

C'est pas terrible ;) Wifi is OK if you find the right AP. Showers are great! Lockers smell like feet. AC in room does not mean AC in back of cubby hole. You won't sleep. Funky bathroom smell. Not sure what it is. Super-nice staff, like everywhere in Tokyo. Noise in rooms--it's so quiet, until someone rolls over, or whispers, or touches themself. You will hear it all. Common area is large and great to hang out in. Lockers are 30cm wide! :( This place is NOT worth ¥3200/night.