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Steffi's Hostel Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

No customer comment


No customer comment

Harz Hostel

Wernigerode, Germany

No customer comment

Amigo Hostel Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

No customer comment

Moai Viajero Hostel

Santiago, Chile

very interesting place.

Hostel Petero Atamu

Easter Island, Chile

nothing special.

Hostal Tuyasto

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Some facilities weren't working properly at the time I stayed there. The main thing was one of the three showers that was impossible to adjust (cold x hot water).

MEININGER Salzburg City Center

Salzburg, Austria

very small kitchen for the size of the hostel!

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Hi Dear; thank you very much for your comment. Like in every city space is a rear good. We know that the kitchen can get crowded at certain times and we are already thinking ablout some ideas how to solve that problem. However we would be very pleased to welcome you again at MEININGER. Your MEININGER Team

Ace of Spades Hostel

Bled, Slovenia

Nice dorms in a house that looks like new. Interested staff, ready to offer a few free rides to interesting places. Definitely worth the money!

Nana's Rooms

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Very nice hostel catering also to exchange students.

Hostel Ana Rijeka

Rijeka, Croatia

Very basic place that doesn't seem to receive much maintenance.

CroParadise Green Hostel

Split, Croatia

One word is more than enough: e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t !!!

Villa Banana

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The owners seem to be just 'milking the cow', without feeding it! No one seems to do any work, cleaning, fixing or maintaining the place. Several things are either broken, not working or just on the brink of breaking.


Zadar, Croatia

Yet another example of a place that is not being well maintained! The spacious single room, containing about 10 beds, is a nice idea that doesn't work well: any customer, moving to the kitchen or to the bathroom, will probably make more noise than the remaining sleeping guest would care for. A bright note is the nice decoration!

Logistics Youth Center

Zagreb, Croatia

No customer comment

Grund Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Hostel is run in the same building where a huge bar/night club is run. Entrance is basically the same for both businesses, hostel reception is in a corner of the bar counter!? No control over who walks in or out of the hostel area! No kitchen, no fridge, no tables are available, except at the bar.

Hostel Hutteldorf

Vienna, Austria

One of the largest (in size, nr of beds) hostels in Europe. Located in nice area in the outskirts of Vienna, 500 m from a subway station. Very well run. Great staff. Great breakfast. Spacious rooms. Some glitches, like a shower (in 3) that doesn't have hot water, do pop up here and there. All in all, an excellent hostel! By the way, just a couple of subway stations from Schönbrunn Schloss, one of the main attractions in Vienna.

The CubaHostel

St Petersburg, Russia

No customer comment

Snoozles Hostel Galway

Galway, Ireland

Very centrally located. The very well-equipped kitchen should be larger. Good ensuite showers/toilets get all wet when anyone showers, due to the lack of a simple shower curtain. Well-appointed rooms. Free wifi was not broadcasting properly.