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Location: USA, Age: 36

Friendly and helpful staff, a common room that's social, close to Velib bike stations that can get you around Paris easily.

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Thanks for the fantastic review! Cool to see you made use of the Velib bikes, its a great and fun way to see Paris :) The Loft Team

BVJ Opera-Montmartre

Paris, France

Location is great. But dorm rooms without lockers was surprising. And a hostel without a kitchen or even refrigerator even more so. If your plan is to spend every lunch and dinner out in Parisian restaurants and to drink in the trendy bars nearby, this place is perfectly suited. Travelers on a bit of a budget, looking to buy a bottle of wine to enjoy in or groceries for lunches, may want to examine other options.

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Hostel One Sants

Barcelona, Spain

A friend accompanied me to check-in. She had never stayed in a hostel before and after seeing my reception there, compared to her reception at her hotel, she asked, "Are all hostels this awesome?" A great place, I would stay again.

Dragon King Hostel

Beijing, China

No customer comment

Saint James Backpackers

London, England

Clean and bright, the hostel was easy to get to and from. Storage lockers under the bed weren't quite large enough for one of my backpacks, but had ample space for my valuables and some clothes. Bathrooms met all needs, having a shelf in the shower would be helpful. Staff was always friendly.

JK House in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea

I would definitely stay here again. Close to transport, late night food spots right around the corner. Clean and cozy.

RiverSide YHA (Jiangpan)

Guangzhou, China

A thoroughly solid hostel. Well constructed bunks in the dorms. A pool table that gets regular use in the lobby. Couches and chairs through the lobby were filled all the time I was there with folks chatting and socializing. Across the street from a ferry and short walk from Metro.

No Kidd Inn

Yangshuo, China

Friendly and helpful staff. Maybe 5 minute walk from West Street. I would be completely satisfied to stay here again.

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thanks for support us. and understanding. we really put a lot of works on our hostel . make everyone stay here with happiness and freedom

Deejai Backpacker

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Some of the most best social spaces of any hostel I've visited in the past ten years. Wonderful garden space in front and back. Hammocks for individuals, tables for groups, spaces where it feels easy to say hello and join a group of strangers. This is paired, though, with rooms that feel spare and are lit with harsh florescents. Mosquitoes outside and inside there is no way to fully shut the windows. While there was a hook for netting above bed, no actual net.


I met up with Taiwanese friends and they were impressed by the quality of the hostel.

Equator Hostel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Rooms and bathroom were very clean. Pleasant showers. Very accommodating staff. Common room is feels open and welcoming. Out of 7 countries and dozens of hostels, this was the first where the wifi wasn't free. :-( The keys to the locker in my dorm room opened ALL of the lockers in that room. Somewhat defeats the purpose...

Golden Hotel

Nha Trang, Vietnam

We arrived at 5 am and were picked up at the train station. When we arrived at the hotel we were checked in right away and shown to a room. We napped, walked to the beach (a block away) and enjoyed Nha Trang for the day. At midnight, they called a taxi for us to go back to the train station to get on our next train. Total time in Nha Trang, 19 hours. I VERY much appreciated having a hotel that could accomodate our weird schedule.

Cat Huy Hotel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The room was beautiful, and felt like an oasis. 5 flight walk up was mediated by the fact that the staff grabbed our bags and started carrying them up before we could offer to. Upon leaving, one of us was sick and they called us a taxi and carried her bags out to the street for us.

Sam Sen Sam

Bangkok, Thailand

Cable television in the room, free wi-fi, book exchange table. Tucked into a quiet street. Not the place to meet others, but a nice place to relax. The staff was awesome (I was lying out reading a book on a couch when the manager came to put a pillow under my head!)

Niras Bankoc Cultural Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Great hostel in a wonderful location. The largest lockers I've ever seen (big plus). Friendly staff. An easy recommendation to anyone.


Friendly staff, wonderful atmosphere. I'll definitely recommend to anyone travelling to Tokyo. My one reservation: I was not thrilled about having to leave my bag in the stairwell during the day when I was switched to a different room.