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Posada Villa del Sol

Margarita Island, Venezuela

The hostel itself was one of the best my girlfriend and I stayed in in South felt more like a hotel than a hostel and was a very relaxing space to chill out in. The hostel is full of European and Canadian staff who have moved to Venezuelan Which makes life easier and safer. Robert and Eric are extremely helpful and are often around. Eric can speak four or five languages. Only downside is some of the locally employed staff are rude. Felt very safe in the area as well. Visit!

Local Hostel Manaus

Manaus, Brazil

Only stayed here for one night but was impressed. Very comfortable dorms, with beds that give a lot of privacy. Some are a bit squeky. But very modern and clean for a hostel.

Tambopata Hostel

Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Comfortable enough, wouldnt say it warrents such a high rating. Gives a bit of a genuine feel to it in terms of being near the jungle. Rooms were clean but the private rooms give absolutely no privacy, all they are seperated by is thin wooden walls. A fact that was unfortunately made clear by a loud couple next door which made it feel like it was happening in our room - which was very awkward. You also have no privacy through the window (not connected comment in anyway!

Pirwa Maldonado Hostel

Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Very surprised - was much nicer than I thought. Was more like a hotel than a hostel, very clean and comfortable. You had your own TV in the room as well. We stayed in two hostels here (Tombawata being the other) and would defintely recommend this one over the other. Bit more far out location wise but that isnt a problem as there~s nothing to see in PW!

Hostel Bambu Mini

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Very friendly owner who made us feel right at home. Private was comfortable and location was perfect. The staff were also very helpful

The Hostel-Inn Iguazu Falls

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Very far from the town, about 70 pesos each way. Food was horrendous. Bedrooms were comfortable and cleani though and the swimming pool looked good. Good location for bus to iguazu falls though. Very frustrating how you can't pay in cash though make sure you collect a lot of money before coming here

Casa Alta Hostel

Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

Very nice hostel, felt like a hotel. Staff do not speak English though and it was very hard to find. It's also very far from town. The dog tried to bite my girlfriend so avoid it! Not suitable if you went to visit the iguazu falls on either side as it takes far too long to get over the border as it's an absolute nightmare!

Books Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

No customer comment

Lemon Spirit Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of the best hostels I have stayed in. Rooms were very comfortable, location just off Leblon beach was very nice and felt very safe. Staff, especially the bar staff, were great fun and came out with us in the evening to show us the sights. Really good atmosphere in the hostel and its always busy apparently. We enjoyed it so much we booked an extra 2 nights to stay here .

Mango Tree Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande, Brazil

nice hostel, the private rooms felt like they were in a hotel. A big gripe however was the staff, we turned up and there was no electricity or power due to a storm on the island. The staff gave us absolutely no information whatsoever and just showed us to our room, no information about where to use the toilet or shower, which is pretty important when you cant in your room. Their attitude seemed fairly dismissive. Other than that, good location, comfortable rooms. Bathroom could have been cleaned

Paraty Beach Hostel

Paraty, Brazil

Fantastic hostel in a great location close to the beach. Hostel owner speaks English which helps a lot. Only downside is lack of any evident secuirty but Paraty is so safe i don't think this would ever be an issue. really enjoyed the stay here.

CityLights Hostel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

cool hostel, very clean and staff were very helpful. bit quiet but perfect if you want to get your head down. breakfast was amazing.

Sunset Backpackers

Florianopolis, Brazil

Really fun hostel, great vibe and a lot to do in the surrounding hostel. staff were touch and go but in the main very friendly and helpful. Bus trips to the South and North of the island were great fun and there's so much to see on the island. quite far from the night clubs though. The private rooms weren't however that good - suffered from dampness and the wall between the two rooms was paper thin so you were afforded no privacy at all. other than that a great hostel.

Hostel Porto do Sol

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Although the weather was freezing cold and rainy (which the hostel cannot help) the lack of any sort of heating in the place made it impossible to stay in. I repeatedly told the staff we were cold but they insisted on leaving doors and windows open making it very very uncomfortable. . Rooms were ok, very clean, but nothing much to this hostel. Also having the mens bathroom outside is ridicolous, its a long walk from the bedrooms to the bathroom and in winter itd be freezing to have a shower!