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This place is a party hostel. It was dirty, smelled bad, and I saw a drug deal in the hall. This place is probably good if you are looking for a party, but it definitely not if you are looking for a night of sleep. The Kings Cross neighborhood isn't a bad location, a bit dodgy, but lots of restaurants and bars. Overall, I look for cleanliness and quiet, and this place was neither.

Nomads Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach, Australia

No free internet, and an incredibly slow, inefficient check-in process. They make everyone wait untll two and then there is an incrdedibly long wait to check in. The employee took two phone calls during our check in process. The bathroom stunk like urine and there were no lockers. But the room was clean and it was a nice setting.

Tropic Days Backpackers

Cairns, Australia

This was a really cool hostel. It is a little outside of the town, but it is walkable and there is a shuttle if you don't want to walk. The advantage is that it is quiet and the setting is really nice. There is a large backyard/outdoor area with a pool. The bbq was great, and the best part was Laura, who worked the front desk. She helped us with everything--bookings, finding the right tours at the last minute, and even made dinner reservations for us. No lockers.

Backpack OZ

Adelaide, Australia

lock boxes available if you bring lock, good, central location, bar in hostel, Medium clean. Pretty standard.

Mosaic Hostel

Rome, Italy

waSo we chose this because it was close to the train station. For that reason, we thought it was a good location for us (we traveled in an out of the train station) but it is a bit further walk to sites, but still totally managable. Small sign, so I missed it the first time i walked past. Otherwise, it was clean, spacious, and i had no complaints. My friend was bit by something in the night (5 times). it wasn't bed bugs (thankfully) but perhaps a spider. It was cured by a trip to the pharmacy.

Home Made Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

eI loved this place. This is easily one of my favorite hostels. It isn't large, so you can easily meet people. The set up is cool, like an apartment (kind of like one i stayed at in Vienna). Not a party hostel, which i like. The staff was great, location was great (walkable from train station but still central to sites). Also, Budapest was one of my favorite cities in Europe. I really liked it here.

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

This is a clean large hostel located very close to the train station. It is a typically younger crowd (party hostel) but everyone was considerate of one another in my dorm room. I couldn't get the wireless in my room, but it was free in the lobby. A nice, reliable place to stay.


This is a large hostel, a few minutes walk from old town salzburg. The hostel is clean and nice enough (though it was very hot when we were there and our window was broken and the room was above the smoking area) but really everything was good. My only warning is that the Sound of Music tour is heavily advertised, and I don't recommend it. It is 45 Euro anmost sites that you can see on your own. I suggest going to the Helbrunn Castle, though. It is really cool and you can take a public bus there


Vienna, Austria

This was the coolest little place. Lily was awesome, and it is a very independent place to stay. It is like a little home in Vienna. the apartment was a great place to relax and with the small crowd, it was a pleasant way to spend an evening. (I would not recommend for partiers, but I view this as a good thing).

Abigails Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

This is definitely a 'youth' hostel. It has a great location, close to many bars and shops. Our roommates were young (18-20) and very inconsiderate. They came in in the middle of the night, turned on lights, and were extremely loud/drunk. I recommend getting a private if this bothers you. Other than that, a good set up, lockers for rent, and great location.

Aille River Hostel

Doolin, Ireland

This is a very charming hostel. The staff is great, and everything is available. The hostel is very well equipped with kitchen, washer/dryer, etc. Our room was a little small, with only a little floor space, and the downstairs bathroom is not very secluded from the hall. I would definitely stay here again, though!

Castle Lodge

Killarney, Ireland

This is a hotel, not a hostel. Also, we booked the family room, and even though we said four adults would be staying there, they still charged us 20 Euro extra for adults staying there instead of children. Two adults did not eat the breakfast, so I am not sure why the fact that adults (not children) were sleeping in a bed should change the price of the room. Still, the breakfast was good, and the rooms were clean.

Globetrotters/The Townhouse

Dublin, Ireland

Great breakfast.

La Casa de Teresa

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

A residential house has several rooms in some back buildings in their yard. It was confusing at first, because there was no sign and we were early. But the patio and room were actually quite nice. It was the most 'hotel-like' place we stayed and the price reflects that. It is about a 15 minute walk (safe) outside of the city, but close to the beach (about 10 minutes in the other direction). Nice, quiet, and very slow internet access.

Hostel Suites Palermo

Buenos Aires, Argentina

We would have (and should have) prefered going back to America Del Sur in BA. I know you can't tell for sure where you got bed bugs, but we are 90% we got them here. I am sure that any traveler knows that getting rid of bed bugs (and living with them) is painful. Other than that, the bathrooms were generally disgusting, the staff was nice and helpful, but our attic room was broiling in december. add the bedbugs, and we were pretty miserable. bparty hostel + not clean + bed bugs = not for me.

Hi Patagonia Hostel Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn, Argentina

We loved this hostel. The best thing was Gaston and his family. He really went above and beyond (rented a car to take us to the peninsula when no tours were operating). Additionally, the community meals every other day provide the perfect amount of socializing. It is social, but not a party hostel...a really nice balance. Our biggest regret is that we didn't have more time here.

Pioneros Hostel

El Calafate, Argentina

This is a large hostel and I noticed a lot of people were a little older (over 40 years old) and people mostly stuck to themselves. This was fine by us. Bathrooms cleaned daily, never had a problem with hot water, and the staff was helpful. The location is about a 10minute walk outside of the city center, but it is a safe, pleasant walk. My only complaint is that there was one computer and no posted time limit (meaning that one person could indefinitely hog the comptuer access for everyone).

America del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

We only stayed one night, but the staff was very helpful, and the place was very clean. I can't really ask for much more. As for location, BA is huge, and so walking to things takes a lot of time, but the staff helped me get a bus and I had no problems.

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  • Globetrotter
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There are no lockers/boxes to store valuables. The hostel is very spacious and right downtown hilo.

Sant Jordi Alberg

Barcelona, Spain

This is definitely a party hostel. I am not really a partier and was a tad older than the kids there (I am 26 and was well above median age). The hostel was very clean and the staff was excellent. My only complaint was that the other travelers weren't considerate of those that were asleep by midnight (turning on lights and being very loud when coming home from clubs).

Sant Jordi Alberg

Barcelona, Spain

I had a hard time finding it, but that could have been me. I am not as interested in partying, but this is a party hostel, so I don't really know what to give the 'fun' score'. I saw people do E in my room and the other travelers were VERY loud all night, turning on lights at any time of the night. That said, the staff was great, location great, and it was relatively clean.

Riad Massine II

Marrakech, Morocco

Tricky to get there, but the staff were so friendly. Be sure to call and ask them to come meet you at a city gate the first time you go because you will never find it otherwise.

Riad Sara

Fez, Morocco

This was not a hostel, but a hotel. It is a beautiful property, very quiet, with excellent breakfast. It is very difficult to get there, so I suggest being escorted the first time. The streets are a little scary, because they aren't well lit or marked. But this comes with staying within the old city.

The Hostel

Jackson Hole, USA

It is as close to the park as you are going to get without staying in the park. No lockers, and parking is difficult. The staff was great, though

Hostel Vista Serena

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Vista Serena provided awesome accomodations and very helpful staff. Manuel Antonio (the park) is kind of remote and most hotels and restaurants are on the road there. The hostel, along w/ most others is along this road and you can walk the very busy road and be at restaurants within minutes. The view is awesome and there is plenty to do. The staff offered excellent trip recommendations and overall, it was a great trip.


Located very close to a subway stop, so location wasn't too big of a deal.

Lakeside Inn

Guilin, China

We loved this hostel. The staff was so friendly (Jen helped us out alot) we actually shortened our time in Yanshuo to come back and stay to view the rice terraces. I cannot say enough nice things about the staff or cleanliness. We didn\'t spend much time in the city itself, but the night market is very close and bus station not far by cab. Loved it.