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X Hostel Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania

Great place to meet people. Free wifi and a nice private room made my experience great. For sure I will stay again

Refill Now

Bangkok, Thailand

THEIFS AT REFILL NOW! the first night i stayed there me and another completely different girl got robbed. both the same way, both left our SECURED rooms LOCKED for 5 minutes. Somebody with a key opened our doors while we where a way or downstairs and went through my wallet and her purse and only took big bills. 200usd from me and 15 euro from her. 2 robberies in a 24 hour period. they then did nothing to compensate us- I STILL HAD TO PAY. STAY HERE AND GET ROBBED BY DODGY HOTEL MANAGEMENT.

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We are sorry to know that this customer claimed that her money was stolen by our staff. It is a serious accusation on our business and especially on our staffs. We apologized for the inconvenience. We are taking this matter carefully. We have reported to the police and try the best to find out the truth. However, it is complicated matter, since there was no any witness, or evidences. Hostel business is not just an accommodation business to us, we consider our business as a hospitality. In Bangkok, we can claim that our hostel is the pioneer of concept hostel, and earn one of the top hostel in Thailand. We have been doing business for 3 years we received, from most of the guests stayed at Refill now!, good reviews and recommendations. We have diligently provided our best, and get several awards from hostel booking organizations. There are rules and regulations that all guests agree to follow upon checking in. We are absolutely strict with them. Hostel facility is a sharing accommodation; therefore, we are also expect guests to respect and compile to the rules and regulations. Having mentioned that, we will take the best responsibility in hostel business, and continue providing the best services to all guests. Finally, all we ask for are the same kindness and hospitality offered to our guests to our business and especially our staffs. Thank you very much.