Reviews: pastexit5533

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

No customer comment

Barcelona Central Garden

Barcelona, Spain

A good clean hostel with knowledgable hosts. Not the best environment to meet others but it can be done on the terrace.

Formosa 101

Taipei, Taiwan

Great place to meet fellow travelers.

Bayhouse Hostel Penghu

Penghu, Taiwan

You really need a scooter to get around. Be sure you bring your international license. This hostel wasn't bad but it wasn't great. They need a better common area with comfy seating. They don't rent towels. The service was decent and the place is clean.

Cozy Planet Hostel

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

If you're looking for a place to get some quiet time and relax stay here.

JV's Hostel

Taipei, Taiwan

I stayed here six nights because this hostel is great all around. The service of the staff was perfect. The people who stayed here were fun seekers. The location was great for exploring taipei. The only thing I would change is turning off the aircon in the common room.

Yesinn @Fortress Hill

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

This is just a place to lay your head. If you're looking to meet people or even eat a meal, look elsewhere.

Sophie's Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Stay in their smaller dorm if you want any sleep.

The New York Loft Hostel

New York, USA

No customer comment

Cordial House Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Very good price and location. Breakfast isn't included though. If you just need a bed and shower in a central location, this is the ticket.