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Location: Tuvalu, Age: 32

Fenomen Hostel

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

Good place = no bullshit!

B Side House

Valparaiso, Chile

B-Side hostel is located in centre of the town making it perfect to discover both Valparaiso and Vina. The house is a lovely colonial building with tall rooms catching the old charm of Valpo. Dorms are not too crowded and it is cool enough even in the summer. Atmosphere is more than a great good for backpac - no curfew - no bullshit. What makes this the best hostel in Valpo is however the staff -Roberto and Katy (chill as hell) are just simply the perfect owners making you feel really welcommed.

Hostel Internacional Campo Base

Mendoza, Argentina

Hostel is dirty as hell. Facilities are not very good either and there are plenty of cheaper and cleaner hostels around. The staff is still doing their best and are helpful.

Hostel 41 Below

Bariloche, Argentina

The staff is very cool in this hostel!

Marcopolo Inn Iguazu

Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

No customer comment

Hostel Manga Rosa

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Well Wow! After being in so many hostels in life this particular place really stayed in my memory. In this hostel you are a guest not a customer. Everything is top-notch clean and the premises are excellent. The staff is fabulous - Joe and Giselle are the ones that make this hostel work and confortable for everyone regardless of how little of time you are going to spend. Everyone who is staying over in Iguazu - Manga Rosa is the best place to check in!

Casa 579

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

No customer comment

Hostal Polanco Valparaiso

Valparaiso, Chile

Out of all hostels where I have been in last few years - this is definately the absolute best.If you are looking for rawdy party hostel with coke sniffing youngsters this is not a place. Hostel Polanco is elegant, confortable in one of the nicest areas in Valpo and has a nicest and most professional staff. Excellent location with walk away to everywhere, free breakfest, walking tours, clean sheets and a lovely inner yard with possibility for barbeque and ultimate chill time.What more do yo want?

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Hey !! Thank you so much for your comment. You were a very nice guest and we really liked to share with you. We are so glad you enjoyed your stay in our hostel. Have a great trip ! Hugs! Kathy and Oriana

Viva Hostel Minsk

Minsk, Belarus

This hostel is as good as it gets. Awesome staff with a helpful owner who is always ready to give you hints of hidden gems of Minsk. Facilities are great, even having a Xbox which i haven't seen in any other hostels i have visited throughout the world. With 24 hours service you are never left behind closed door no matter what time you'll come in. By staying in the coolest hostel in the arena, Hotel Viva - made our Belorussian experience be most memorable of all trips!

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Thanks for your review! We will get better for you!

Kiev Lodging Hostel

Kiev, Ukraine

I stayed this wonderful hostel altogether for over 2 weeks and because of that my experience in Ukraine couldn't have been any way better. Excellent location, excellent staff and outgoing atmosphere. I also paid attention to well run management and tidiness of the Hostel. The owner is friendly and helpful guy who is willing to assist you even in smaller matter. So why not to come to Kiev Lodging Hostel