Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Australia, Gender: Male, Age: 32

Lemon Spirit Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

had a great stay at lemon spirit, and will stay there again. what made it great (apart from the excellent BBQ, decent outdoor social area, and prime location) was the super awesomely friendly swiss girl at reception that really helped with every single thing asked, and did it all with a smile. it's a party hostel but you can get some decent sleep. free lockers and a door that actually got fixed within a week of my return! security is good, and the location is as safe as you get in rio.

St Christopher's Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland

staff average at best, common area is dark and difficult to meet people, and the bar is open to the public. good because it's close to the train station + airport bus, otherwise there are better options in edinburgh.

Ashton House Hostel

Manchester, England

it's not just the facilities that fail this hostel (although in some areas they really do eg.beds), it's the clueless, rude and ignorant staff that are the major failing. having been put in a room alone, i was told that they 'thought guests would prefer to be alone'. are you kidding me? if i wanted to be alone i would've booked a HOTEL and not a hostel. i can see why the hostel was mostly empty, true to the reviews, it's not worth staying at. there's cereal, but no milk! buy your own. rip off!

Paddy's Palace Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

without doubt the worst hostel i've stayed in. as others write, don't stay here if you actually want to have a shower, it has one setting and that's SCALDING HOT. secondly, the australian/irish receptionist couldn't be ruder, repeatedly asking every single customer checking in for something 'smaller'. never mind the fact that i gave her change just 5 minutes before. summary: don't stay here if you want any kind of quality hostel, but stay here if you just want a place to rest your drunk head.

Trinity College Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

i wouldn't recommend staying here unless you have business in the college. reception staff were rude, the accommodation is noisy at night (loud american summer school students), socialising is NIL, breakfast is standard but poor overall value for the price (must pay extra for options). security is good though, and cleaners clean daily hotel style. the rooms are small as they are traditional student dorm rooms. seriously, if you're a backpacker/traveller then stay in a proper hostel.

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

24 hour checkin is non existent, claimed doorbell was broken, almost left out in the cold at 4am. Further to that, night person was rude and unwilling to compromise on minor details, seemed she would have gotten satisfaction in refusing me a bed. Breakfast is lousy, the juice is foul and the options are few. Day staff was friendlier but I did not stay long enough to change my opinion, a below par hostel. Wifi did not work and it took some convincing to get a staff member to do something.

Absolut Venice

Venice, Italy

Great hostel, no bunk beds(!!), friendly owner and staff member Michael, helped with any questions I had. Location is perfect, wouldn't stay anywhere else in Venice. Cleaners, however (American couple) were particularly rude on trivial matters, and when asked a question, generally clueless in reply. This was confirmed by another guest so it wasn't just a single case. Won't hold it against the hostel though.

TIU Bolshaya Sevastopol

Sevastopol, Ukraine

Easily the best homestay hostel ive ever stayed in. Adam&sylvia are friendly and helpful(!!) with any aspect of your travels (booking stuff, day trips etc.) & with everything to do in & around Sevastopol. The 4x4 tour is reason alone to stay with this hostel, something you could never organise and do on your own, and an excellent experience. Must do!!! Unlike other hostels they don't overcrowd rooms, charge unreasonable prices for things. Stayed 4 nights.

Yesinn @Fortress Hill

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

great hostel would stay again. directions to the hostel couldnt be better, found it easily. staff helpful. rooms a little noisy but it is HK so cant complain. rooms also a little cramped but im really tall so cant complain. probably the only thing i can complain about is the lack of social meeting place/activities. couldnt see anything decent so you only really met the people in your dorm.

Spicythai Backpackers

Chiang Mai, Thailand

one of the best hostels ive stayed in. clean, quiet, easy to organise trips, and fair prices for the amenities.


awesome hostel run by an awesome guy and his awesome staff that attracts awesome guests. did i mention it was awesome?

YHA Christchurch City Central

Christchurch, New Zealand

same institutional feeling as all other YHA hostels ive stayed at with the nightly surcharge because you're not a member of their stupid organisation. its got all the facilities but lacks the love, unless you're part of the the british travelling circus that couldnt care less as long as theres booze and noise to be made. welcoming reception was very unwelcoming but got better throughout the stay when shifts rotated and normal people attended to my simple needs/questions.

Thomas Hotel - on Hereford

Christchurch, New Zealand

room was freezing. otherwise a generally ok hostel.