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City Hostel - Central Station

Stockholm, Sweden

Wonderful staff and super helpful. Not situated near the bars or anything, but incredibly convenient for the train/bus station, and close to other public transport to get to other areas of the town.

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Thanks for writing! Hostel manager

Die Wohngemeinschaft

Cologne, Germany

Incredible hostel. Fun, unique, great staff, awesome area, and really clean facilities.


Good traditional-style hostel... Located really high-above the city, so unless you have a car, not the most convenient, but still a great value

Youth Hostel Larochette

Larochette, Luxembourg

Great traditional-style hostel in a perfect location for exploring Larochette and the castle. Wonderful staff

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Dear, thank you for staying with us in Larochette and taking the time to leave us such a flattering review. We're thrilled to read that you enjoyed your stay and liked the location in order to explore the area. It was a pleasure having you over and we wish you all the best for the remainder of your trip! :-) Kind regards,


Quiet, higher-end hostel... Not on the island, but still a great place in a pretty good location. Very nice staff


Perfect location for Oktoberfest. And a great mix of a party atmosphere while still quiet enough to get sleep at night


Great staff, great location... Fun but still quiet enough to get some rest if that's your thing. With the rooftop it's an even better space than the one in Cusco

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Dear guest, Thank you for your review, we are really glad that you enjoyed your stay here at Pariwana Hostel. We work every day to give you the best service. Best regards Head of Front Desk & Reservations

Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

Overall a good hostel and great value for the money. 2 big complaints: 1 is that they let activities in the common room go on til way too late in the night. (There was an incredibly loud karaoke party until 2am on a Sunday night, when I had to be up at 3:30am for my MP trek). Also after staying there for 4 nights & returning again after my Machu Picchu trek, they moved my reservation from a quiet 6-person ensuite room to a loud 12-bed one, with no option to change back. Seemed disorganized.

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Dear guest, thank you for your review. First I want to apologize for the noise that you perceive that night, we are working in the acoustic system of the bar and rooms, so our guests will be able to sleep well at night, also I want to apologize for your reservation, your arrival time was earlier, our system automatically canceled your reservation because you didn't arrive on time, we will be more careful to confirm the arrival time when our guest return to our Hostel. Regards. Front Desk Manager

Camino Verde Hostel and B&B

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Extremely friendly staff, great quality for the money.

Books Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you're in Rio to meet fun people and party, this is the absolutely the perfect place (if you want a chiller, mellower vibe... it's not for you). Awesome location for nightlife in Lapa and a short walk (8 min?) to the Metro. And the staff was always super friendly and helpful.

Makako Chill Out Hostel

Cartagena, Colombia

Extremely friendly staff, great huge central common area and nice balconies to relax on.... If you're going to stay outside of Getsemani, this is definitely the place to stay in

Aluna Casa y Cafe

Santa Marta, Colombia

Extremely friendly staff in a central location.... Great choice for Santa Marta


Helsinki, Finland

Very traditional hostel: good if you're looking for basic amenities at an affordable price, but definitely seems geared toward an older crowd rather than anything youthful or with a unique, more fun atmosphere.

Hedonist Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

Incredible staff and wonderful facilities... Only wish I could have stayed longer to enjoy the hostel and the city even more

Hostel Miran

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Really fun atmosphere at a great price, but what really makes this place worth staying at is the tour around Herzegovina. Can't imagine a better place to stay for seeing more of the Mostar region than just the Old Bridge

Residence Rooms

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Awesome location, right in the middle of all the bars in the city. The owner and her son really went the extra mile to make me feel welcome and to help me out when I had some transportation issues with getting to Belgrade. And the tour they offer is an excellent way to see the outer sights of the city. Wonderful find

PLUS Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Phenomenal hostel, amazing rooms and atmosphere... Totally raises the bar for others to compete with it


Dresden, Germany

Really convenient location, short walk from the Neustadt Rail Station and staff was very accommodating with our early morning luggage drop-off.

Maverick Hostel & Ensuites

Budapest, Hungary

Absolutely gorgeous building.... Couldn't ask for a friendlier staff


While it has a lot of good perks, especially for an American hostel, the bed begs, filthy stained sheets, extremely creaky bunk beds, and locating the dorm roots right next to the outdoor common area that's very loud til past 4am make it impossible to sleep.

Lucky D's

San Diego, USA

Perfect location right in the Gaslamp. The noise level isn't quite as bad as everyone seems to be making it out to be. There's no a whole lot to do in San Diego aside from go out all night anyway, so it shouldn't affect anyone's stay that much.

Montreal Central

Montreal, Canada

Great hostel, large common area, amazing staff

Yamen Hostel

Pingyao, China

Pretty straightforward hostel; don't expect anything overly fancy, but it's a definite value for the price. Great location for the city and probably the most lively place in Pingyao.

The Great Wall Box House

Beijing, China

I didn't think it was possible to describe a hostel as "beautiful" but apparently it is. Best I've ever stayed in, great quiet retreat away from central Beijing.


Convenient location, extremely friendly and helpful staff


Expensive and extremely dirty. Probably worst value for money of anywhere I've stayed before.

Funky Granada

Granada, Spain

No customer comment

Las Musas Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Perfect location for staying in Madrid, excellent staff

Youth Hostel Salamanca

Salamanca, Spain

Awesome location, really fun place to stay and meet people, and an extremely friendly staff

Khaosan Tokyo Original

Tokyo, Japan

Pretty good hostel. Not centrally located, but right next to a convenient Metro station, and in a district of Tokyo with some sights and a unique, traditional feel. Only problem is its almost too small to meet anybody; nobody wants to stay cramped in the kitchen/common room.


Fantastic staff, unbeatable location. Only downside is the limited number of bathrooms, but other than that this is an absolute top-notch hostel. Only wish I could have stayed longer

Bodega Phuket

Phuket, Thailand

Fantastic little place, definitely worth paying that little bit extra for all these amenities.

Legacy Home Stay

New Delhi, India

Most of the staff, especially the owner, are awesome, and it's extremely clean. Just be wary of the "tourist center" they might take you to, as its a very dishonest travel agency. If not for that, I'd rate them even higher. Can't imagine a better place in Delhi for the price

Peace Way Hotel

Petra, Jordan

The hot water worked only once in 3 days, and the internet and wifi are NOT FREE. They're free for the first 30 minutes, then a very expensive 3JD an hour after. Also incredibly slow connection, so really it feels like 10 free minutes. There are better options in Petra.

Bdeiwi Hostel & Hotel

Amman, Jordan

If you're paying $7 a night, you can't really complain. Especially if its only for 1 or 2 nights.

Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Really, really friendly staff that will help you with way more than most other hostels would. Perfect location.

Meramees Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

Half the staff was VERY friendly, the other half not a whole lot of help. Probably the best choice of a place to stay in Cairo, but realize that ratings in the 90s in Egypt are not the same as ones in the 90s in Europe.

Zorbas Hotel

Athens, Greece

Great for the price, considering how expensive Athens can be, and if you're not going to stay right in Plaka, this is the next best location, right next to a metro station. Awesome staff.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Really fun hostel in a great location

Fabric Hostel & Club

Naples, Italy

In the 3 days I stayed there, the internet never worked and there was no soap in the bathrooms, which also were either broken of had missing seats. Aside from the owner who was friendly, the rest of the staff was incredibly rude and not helpful at all. And over half the people staying there were over 40, most over 60.

Emerald Fields

Florence, Italy

One of the best hostel staffs I've had. Great location too.

Hostel Galla

Milan, Italy

Incredibly friendly staff, and in an area of Milan that it is very easy to be frugal in. Perfect for backpackers on a budget,

Hotel Giovannina

Venice, Italy

Really convenient location, but after only one night I am COVERED in bedbug bites. The old guy at night that people complain about will be really nice to you as long as you're nice to him.

Jaeger's Munich

Munich, Germany

Not sure why some people complained about the lockers' safety, they were excellent. Good hostel, and the 40 bed rooms are divided by corners, so they're really like 4 rooms of 10, and not bad at all.