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Easy Nerja Guesthouse

Nerja, Spain

We stayed one night and were very satisfied with the room and service provided.

The Garden Backpacker

Seville, Spain

Had a short but sweet stay at Garden Backpackers. Met some cool, like-minded people and was generally impressed with everything about the place. Staff are very nice and the beds are super comfy :)


Had a great stay at Njoy. I had booked for three nights but in the end couldn't make the first night, but Oliver on reception kindly offered a 50% discount, meaning that I could also go straight to bed after getting in at 6am on the night train. The location was fantastic, and the rest of the staff very helpful and friendly too. The free, home-cooked Hungarian food was awesome but the atmosphere was non-existent at times! Picked up on Saturday night though.

Travellers Home Hostel

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Had a great stay at Traveller's Home, met some nice people and we all cooked and ate together then went out to some converted cinema and drank local beer. It was lots of fun. Staff were also excellent – particularly Alan, who helped me with EVERYTHING. He rang bus companies, the train station, the spasa tunnel to check opening hours etc. He even organised a private minibus transfer to Belgrade for me ( well worth it at €25). Good hostel for people in their mid twenties.

Babia Backpackers

Ronda, Spain

Really enjoyed my stay, albeit it was just one night, and WHAT A VIEW! The hostel is literally set opposite Puente nuevo and is just about the best spot to take pictures from. I suppose one can't expect much at this time of year but there wasn't really much of an atmosphere at the hostel. Just me and one other guy who wanted to go out for a drink. Everybody else was super boring. Overall I was mightily impressed. Staff were great too :)

Fabrizzio Guesthouse

Madrid, Spain

This was a terrific hostel. Its character, location, staff and value for money were particularly good. We had just spent the night at a dingy old hole in Lavapies so tome come here was a welcomed relief, despite the relentless rain outside! There weren't too many other people staying there but there didn't need to be in order to get a feel for its entirely relaxed atmosphere. I only rate security as average because it was the only thing I wasn't overly impressed by. Still good though!

Hostel Tabor Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenia

This was a decent hostel. It is reasonably priced, clean, central and the staff are great. It is, however, perhaps lacking atmosphere due to its vast size (it is used for student accommodation throughout the academic year) and consequently feels deserted a lot of the time. I imagine it's busier earlier on in the summer.

Camping Serenissima

Venice, Italy

This was a budget campsite so I wasn't expecting the works. I got a great deal for what I paid though- €12.50 for my own little cabin with outside furniture! The toilets/showers were all very clean and the beer from the market was cheap. Restaurant was expensive though and it's really far from Venice! It's definitely a family place as well, which isn't a bad thing, but not so ideal if you want to make friends!Overall, it was a good stay and I'd go back.


Gdansk, Poland

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Feetup Yellow Nest Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Hmm I have very mixed views on this place. The hostel itself is cool, especially the common room. The kitchen is very clean and well equipped too, and the staff are friendly. However, I have to score it low for security as the lockers needed padlocking and since I didn't have a padlock I had to rely on the door being closed at all times. Also, you had to pay to use the internet which really annoys me. 6/10

HelloBCN Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Awesome hostel. Especially if you're travelling alone and want to meet people and go out. Really good vibe and the staff are excellent. Drink in the bar until midnight and then on to a club where you can get in for free with the stamp given to you at the hostel. Also really helpful with tourist stuff for the day time and the security is fantastic because you get one of those electronic watch things that even works for the locker!! 10/10


Absolute winner in my book. Upon our arrival we were greeted by the owner who promptly sat us down with a free drink and told us all we needed to know about Granada. He even spoke to us in Spanish and as a learner who needs to practise as often as possible this suited me pretty well! There are even free tapas tours! (Although all the tapas in Granada is free anyway but its still a great way to meet people) Right next to the Alhambra and also very well kept. Overall, this is a top quality hostel

Babia Hostel Centro

Malaga, Spain

Very cool hostel, even though it was dead when I stayed! It didn´t deserve to be, guess its just that time of year. Staff were really friendly and helpful, and the tapas they served up for me was awesome (and at a great price). Big screen for live football in the lively bar was a bonus too. I would definitely stay there again. Cheers guys!