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Mec Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Has a pool table


Nice enough hostel but quite small and cramped. The downstairs area serves as a reception, common room and breakfast room and it doesn't have that much space and isn't super comfortable. The rooms were nice though. Do not get a taxi from the airport unless you arrange it through the hostel, take the bus. The driver I got agreed to put it on the meter but then wouldn't turn it on, and then made me pay 900 000 (about $45) and tried to tell me it was half price of the meter. The bus is easy.

Dragon Hostel Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The staff were lovely but this was the smallest room I have stayed in. The shower was tiny! Adequate though and one of the cheaper options in Hong Kong, close to metro and easy to get around.

Suzhou Watertown Hostel

Suzhou, China

Lovely set up, nice courtyard and reading rooms, you can really sit back and relax. Large library in lots of different languages but no book swap which i thought was a shame!


They gave me a free coffee when I arrived - I fell in love! The place is really cute with a nice common area with sofas to relax in and an upstairs outdoor area where you could smoke. The showers are kinda communal though - they open onto the hallway so if your shy you might not like it. There is another bathroom you can shower in though which has lots of room and you can lock, and it was never very busy. The staff were very friendly and helpful, helping me book a cruise etc. they were lovely!

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Dear you, thank you for your staying with us, we really appreciate your comment. Your kindness and friendship has left us deep impression. Wish to see you again if there could be any chance.


This was the best hostel i stayed in in China. It had 6 beds in the dorms, but they were all proper beds - no bunks, very comfortable and clean. there was a barge comfortable bar downstairs and it was easy to get to from everywhere. It had a bit of construction outside, but it really didn't matter. I did walk past it when i was first going there, it just has an A4 printout with the name on which doesnt stand out, but i imagine after construction they will put a proper sign up anyway.


Was a great place to stay right at the bottom of the mountain. Directions were useless though. If you're coming from the high speed train station on the K37, after about 45 minutes lots of people get off and u can see a mountain on the left. Stay on the bus & its the next big busy intersection. Once you get off the bus walk in the direction the bus was going and u see a bank of china on right. Go left uphill & its on left just before the steps uphill. Last stop on the K3 from other station.

Little Mao's Hostel

Beijing, China

Great place, I don't know why my room wasn't full all the time I was really impressed. Clean, really comfy beds, great location and staff were all friendly and helpful. Although on the site it says its hard to find its actually really easy, if you walk past the south entrance of Jingshan park with the park on your left, take the first left turn then your first right turn and its on the right down that road. Take the phone number and get taxi drivers to call if needs be.

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Hi Thanks for your advice and good review ,we will do it better to better .hope see you again. Best Regard Little Mao's Hostel

MoonPad LA Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

Lovely place to stay. It,has lots of areas to hang out in, lots of space and was easy to get from and to. The owner has big plans to make it more awesome so it should just get nicer in the next few months! The only downside was the wait for the showers, i'm not sure if this was because of the lack of showers or the people staying there though - one guy was in the shower for over an hour - very frustrating!

Caledonian Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

So much about thats all free its fantastic!! Some of the staff were good but others were quite rude. My friend stayed in a bed with no ladder to get to the top bunk and when she mentioned this to the staff they couldnt care less!! I know its cheap but i'm sure a bed shuffle could have been done somehow!