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In Da Lodge

Ubud, Indonesia

This place is so awesome people just stay in the hostel for their entire trip. Atmosphere is totally chill with bean bags by the pool, hammocks, lounge. Cheap as well for food (good food) and tours. They have showers overlooking paddy fields (not for girls as the hotel opposite can look in). Super easy to meet people. Security a bit lax anyone can walk into hostel, no room lock, but lockers are available. Security wasn't a concern. Been to Japan and Europe, never seen a better hostel.

Kayun Hostel Downtown

Kuta, Indonesia

Not many people in the hostel. Didn't feel the cafe and lounge to be conducive to meeting people. Cafe needs to be smaller or more tables joined together. Meet people in your room. Only the manager had any idea of things to do, other staff didn't know anything. Also got the feeling they just wanted to sell their tours ("What's there to do in Tanah Lot and what's the best time to go?". "Just take this tour". Breakfast was awesome. Bed has curtains, power point and light.

Sant Jordi Alberg

Barcelona, Spain

Great to meet people. Showers were great and you can rent towels. You have our own locker in room. May not have a power point close to your bed, and you dont have your own light.

La Banda Rooftop Hostel

Seville, Spain

Everyone who comes here knows that this is a good place to meet people, so everyone is really friendly. Had a chiming hi from everyone in the common room when i walked in even though no one knew me. Cant complain about anything! They were lucky to have such an amazing location. The walking tour (free with tips) is great as well - Medi the tour guide was really good.

HI Europa Brugge

Bruges, Belgium

Hostel should make dining and living area smaller to encourage mingling between guests. The area was too big - which is good if you want to be private. Showers were low pressure the one time i showered there, at least for my stall. Breakfast selection was awesome.


The single room hotel is amazing for the price. YOu get air con, a TV ensuite with towels and free wifi for a little more compared to living in a dorm. Fully functional hotel.

Lucky Lake Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Its remote location gives you the opportunity to experience the country, but it didnt work for me as I was only in Amsterdam for 2 nights. I missed out on the nightlife in the city because i had to think about getting back to the hostel. From Amsterdam you need to take the metro, and then the only way to get to the hostel is by their shuttle which only comes once an hour. Difficult if you are planning to get drunk or stoned. Otherwise is great.

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If you are looking for a relaxed and easy going hostel where you can enjoy a smoke, bike ride, swim and hammock, we are the place for you. If you want to explore Amsterdams nightlife till the early morning it might be better to find a place to stay in the city as our last shuttle bus leave the station at 1.30am.

Melbourne Central YHA

Melbourne, Australia

Clean, top quality and new..but..very low value for money. 4Bedshare cost $42, internet for a day $5, locker for a day $8 = $55pn! The most I've ever paid at a hostel for these facilities is $30pn! (Currency is irrelevant) They won't store your luggage before and after checkout. No personal power point.

The Nunnery

Melbourne, Australia

$34 for 4bed feels pricey as a backpacker, but they provide towels and breakfast (cereal, bread). No free wifi. No locker. No personal powerpoint. Bed + pillow good quality. Common toilet and shower for whole floor (its better than sharing an ensuite). Good staff. OK by Australian standards, fail by international standards.


Google what to avoid in china before going. Locker + wifi available. Easy access powerpoint (keep your mobile close to you while u sleep). Only 1 of 3 showers were good. That shower broke but was fixed promptly the next day. Staff amazing, does bookings for you! RMB120 pn for 4 bed was pricey by china standards, but i guess its Beijing. Lots of mosquitoes, turn air conditioning on. And yes, like everywhere else in China, after you asswipe put your tissue in the bin with everyone elses asswipe!

Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki

Tokyo, Japan

Place was perfect - until the roof started leaking due to heavy rain. Had another room above me so the rain leaked through the room above, and then into our room, forming a big puddle on the floor. Otherwise perfect. Met the most people here. 1 min to subway. Good location. Free internet. Staff very helpful, even during leaks, offered to move me to another room. Enough toilets/showers/internet to share. Would definitely recommend this place again.

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First of all, we are very sorry about all the inconvenience due to the heavy rain... We appreciate your kind understandings! We just finished fixing our building so that it will NOT happen again, anymore! We were happy to see you enjoyed your trip in Tokyo with your friend! We hope you will visit your friend again someday very soon, and so that we will have another chance to welcome you! We are always looking forward to see you in Asakusa!


No proper door just a blind, so you can hear everything everyone is doing. No ventilation so was very stuffy - big negative. Shared showers and bath onsen style. They give you two towels and PJs too. A proper door and a fan would make this place worth more than a one night stay.

Yuzan Guest House

Nara, Japan

Only one computer for internet (free). One shower too. Very traditional feel to the place, nice atmosphere. Staff in the process of making their own map, ask them for it, its pretty good!

Hiroshima Hana Hostel

Hiroshima, Japan

Sounds from trains in previous comments not a problem. Internet should be free. Location: not in city centre but tram is ok. You won't miss your JR train here. But really, this place was perfect, you should definitely stay here.

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Greeting from Hiroshima HANA Hostel Thank you very much for staying with us and for taking time to give us the comments. Your feedback is valuable to keep up our standards of service to serve you and to future guests better. Internet is free for now(PCs in lobby and living),and Wifi is always free! Did you enjoy Hiroshima-hopping? We hope you come back soon to Hiroshima! Please feel free to contact us at any time for any request at the hostel. We wish you the very best in your business and personal endeavours. Sincerely, Reception at HANA Hostel Hiroshima


Osaka, Japan

The place is basically a 2br/1bath apartment converted into a hostel. Compared to other hostels in Japan, place is small, so not comfy to hang out with people. Only 1 bath/toilet/computer. Everything else excellent!

Astor Museum Inn

London, England

Beds and pillows are comfy, no air con in hot summer, no lifts to go up 3 floors, no lockers but you can rent a safe for cash and passport, don't know what you'd do with a laptop though. Breakfast: cereal, ham cheese, bread, toaster, tea, in a tiny room so lots of interaction with other ppl. toilet and showers get top marks. next to british museum and close to 2 tube stations and the night life of covent garden.

Ca' Riccio

Venice, Italy

The place was nice, no doubt about it, but remember this is a hotel and not a hostel. The ratings are price weighted -for that price i think I would venture to the other hotels in the area.

Funny Palace Hostel

Rome, Italy

This place was hard to find. look for the Laundromat sign near the intersection of via Varese and via Castro Pretorio. helped me prepare a travel plan for the duration of my stay. Gave pretty good tips on where to eat and stuff. Also give you a bottle of wine - tho i think i'd rather have a cheaper stay and they can keep the wine. 8 ppl in total, with one bathroom to share amongst everyone. On the first floor and pretty noisy. Their internet was also down will be back up on 25 Aug 2009

Academy Hostel

Florence, Italy

No plug points for each person...thats about the only complaint i can have