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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 27

Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

First night here, we met so many people! The bar was great for mingling, but if you go to bed early, ask for a room AWAY from the bar, especially saturday nights when they have the DJ! The staff were very helpful and friendly, but I do think they need some more people; every time I went in there were MASSIVE amounts of people waiting to be helped yet only 2 staff members working. The location is 2 blocks from Plaza de Armas, so close!


When you first walk in, the hostel feels super warm and smells like cinnamon. It gives such a wonderful feeling after being out in Puno/Lake Titicaca when the temperature DROPS once the sun goes down. The staff were helpful, breakfast was great, coca leaf tea was served 24-7, oh and pay with cash, the machine doesn't work. But if you're traveling in South America, you know that anyway :)


The staff was nice, bar a nice touch, but my BIGGEST complaint is that half my toiletries were either stolen or trashed by staff; while I put some things in a locker (did not lock, my fault), I left some items out. When I came back that day, the entire room had been cleaned, my locker was emptied, and only half my toiletries were still there. Oh and my toothbrush was in the reception. I know you have to clean, but the fact you chose what to throw away indicates either carelessness or theft.


I only stayed here one night after a tour. It is right on the edge of north Dublin, so it is easy to walk to South and Temple Bar. It looked like there were a lot of bars around, and it is right next to a really good restaurant and bar (also owned by the hotel). Only complaint is that the room was small, but everything is small in Europe. Also, they made us leave a key every time we left, that is quite strange!

Mec Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

The hostel is on the north side of Dublin off of O'Connell, and while it might look a little seedy, I felt pretty safe. Nothing in Dublin is too far, but it is not in the city center. I stayed with my dad in a private room, more like a big apartment, actually. The only downside was that the pull out couch was pretty disgusting! Clean it!

Pickwick Hall

London, England

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Budget Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

One of the best hostels I've stayed in. It is a great atmosphere to meet people in the restaurant/bar area as well as on the nightly bar crawl. The crawl takes you to local bars, you are right in the Old Town nightlife. Yes it was a little expensive, but seems like hostels in Europe during the high season are all costly. I stayed in the 15 person room, not noisy at all (except most likely me creeping in at 2 am!).

Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Urbany Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

I only stayed here one night, but if I stayed here more, I would have taken advantage of the many opportunities they had, including many trips out to clubs, flamenco dancing lessons, spanish lessons, etc. This hostel is pretty luxurious. The only downside is the shower water does not hit your head quite right and it is hard to rinse! Also, it was not close to main attractions, but I think that is better because it is much quieter than places near Las Ramblas or the beach for example.


Madrid, Spain

The hostel was in a good location, about 10 min walk to Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol. If you are looking for a hostel that organizes trips or nights out this is not the place. I enjoyed it however because the couple that ran it were very nice and informative and for the most part people were respectful. One downside is it is next to a busy street and can be loud.