Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Germany, Gender: Female, Age: 28

Mercy Hostel

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Nice and helpful staff. Very clean place! It was easy to meet other people in the common area. It's not in on a main street, which makes it kind of scary to walk there on your own at night. But I felt save to walk around, there are enough streetlights but just no people. I loved the little, clean kitchen area. It allows you to prepare your own breakfast. Free hot and cold water is always available. They also have free coffee.

Flipside Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

Personal sehr hilfsbereit und Freundlich. Große Schließfächer unter den Betten. Darin ist sogar Platz für das Gepäck. Die Dorms sind größer als angegeben. anstelle von 7-8 Betten gibt es 10. Klimaanlage wird nur für die Nacht angemacht. Was aber auch ausreicht. Ich habe ein Open Bus Ticket gebucht. Der Nachtbus nach Hue war wirklich okay und sehr sauber. Allerdings gab es keine Toilette und der Fahrer hat an verschiedenen Stellen noch Locals eingesammelt die dann auf dem Boden geschlafen haben.

The Island Hotel Bali

Kuta, Indonesia

Great place but you will have to walk a little to get to the beach. I only stayed one night but I loved the beds and there was a pool right in front of your dorm. Enough showers and toilets for everybody. Delicious breakfast. VERY friendlich stuff, they also speak very good english. Would love to come back one day.

Gili La Boheme

Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

A long walk to get there. It´s very dark inside the hostel. Very small rooms but with lockers under your bed to put everything in, even your backpack... everything looks organized that way. They should buy new mattresses! I canceled after only one night to go somewhere close to the beach, with a much better bed, a pool and not to far off from everything important...

MEININGER Amsterdam City West

Amsterdam, Netherlands

You have to take the bus to get to the city center. The rooms are clean but they should change the dishcloth in the kitchen more often. The stuff is very helpful, I had some problems with a roommate and they made it easy for me to change the room. A thing I didn´t like to much was that there where always a school class in the hostel and its also a hotel with familys. Bring a lock for your room but you don´t need towel (I even got two, a small and big one). Nice place for your stay


Koh Samui, Thailand

Great and clean place. Not to busy, great if you wanna relax a little and close to the beach.


The staff is very welcoming and helpful. I can´t even tell how nice they are. Only five minutes to the beach, close to some restaurants and 7/11.

NapPark Hostel at Khao San

Bangkok, Thailand

Good and clean hostel.friendly stuff as well. Close to Kaho San Road :) 15minutes by walking to grand palaces. 7/11 just around the corner. The 22bed room really is not that bad! You got a big locker to but all your stuff in. I liked that the key is kind of a bracelet. Would always stay there again :)

Brazen Backpackers

London, England

Staff is great :) And by far the best thing about the hostel. I stayed one night only, I would not stay there any longer. You could feel every single feather in the mattress. The bed itself shaked every time you moved a little bit. I could here everything going on in the rooms next to mine. The bathroom wasn´t very clean when I took a shower in the morning.

YHA London Oxford Street

London, England

Great Location, great place, stuff was always helpful and very nice :) A lot old people and familys but i guess it was because of the season. only a few minutes to a supermarket and underground. very clean! kitchen got everything you might need for cooking, making breakfast,...

Hostal de l'Alguer

Alghero, Italy

I didn´t like the location. It was in the middle of now where. It´s in Fertilia and you have to take the bus to get to Alghero and there isn´t much to do either!I usally walked back to the hostel after spending the day at the beach.You have a small supermarket close to the bus stop and some restaurants.a girl from my room told me there used to be much more people during summer and it´s the first time almost nobody is there...good place if you only stay one night to keep on traveling the next day

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

Fun place, close to Termini. SMALL kitchen, you will have to wait to use the stove. I got a room right next to the reception, they really made sure the people are quite at nigh time only problem - the door! you get a key for a big, heavy, wooden front door, a key for a door between hostel and wooden door and both doors where next to my room. if someone came or left the hostel you could here them closing the door all the time. but it´s very save this way!!! bring a padlock for your stuff...


I had a great time! You doing a perfect job!!!