Reviews: Anonymous

Hotel El Puerto

Ibiza, Spain

Actually i was in a jail for 3 days .In a room without window.I am really sad because I paid for a hotel which was not good

Gay Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

it was not as clean as should be .With some simple things they could improve the level of hostel.Toilets and bath was awfullllll

Hostel Galla

Milan, Italy

i was in Milan 2 times,but the hostel location is close to shopping centers ,central station and the price is cheap.

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I am sorry to tell, but it was one of the worst hostel that I was ever in.Very Crowded.Not enough bathroom and toilet for all and no clean.very bad breakfast.

Jetpak Jumpdesk

Berlin, Germany

it is one the best hostel that I have been ever in.