Reviews: softwhitefire2270

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Good hostel with a good location. Our room was comfortable, with a fan and no air conditioning (it was a 4 person room). Bathrooms were okay, no major complaints. Staff was pretty helpful, breakfast was nice and I looked forward to it each day. Every other day there was watermelon at breakfast (it was summertime). I would stay there again, mostly for the location and the price. Versus expectations, the view wasn't as nice as expected, but I still like the hostel enough to go back.

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

Not worth it. If this hostel were $10 cheaper per night I would recommend it. As it is, there are better options. I stayed at Hotel Aphrodite also and enjoyed it more. Sure, it's more crowded, but the atmosphere is better and it's less than 1/2 the price of this place. Plus breakfast is much better. It's hard to give this place negative % reviews because it's just good enough not to be terrible in any area, but that doesn't mean it's good. Showers and toilets aren't great, rooms are bare.

Hotel Varonos

Delphi, Greece

Amazing hotel with really friendly staff and GORGEOUS views. Delphi is amazing. You get a map of the sites to visit and a free gift on departure. Cannot recommend this hotel enough.

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

Not as much fun as advertised, but certainly not terrible either. Pros: Great location. Great walking tour. Lockers in room, fairly comfortable room, although basic. Cons: Small and dark rooftop bar, dark and winding stairways (no elevator). Few came to party. Breakfast is a hard boiled egg and some bread you can toast. Shower is not conducive to keeping the floor clean, and only one per floor. Only one AC remote for whole building! Roommates froze us by leaving it on at night.


Great furnishings and location, poor and unhelpful staff. The staff plays annoying rap music nonstop in the lobby and is too busy talking to one another to help you. When they do help you, sometimes they cannot pronounce English words properly, and almost always, lack a good answer for you. They also seem to be crabby and lack empathy for travelers. Replace the staff and you'd have a great hostel with a good restaurant, bar, and facilities.


The hostel wasn't bad, except that there were too many people for the amenities (two toilets and two showers for the whole place, and neither had enough privacy). Also, the toilets refilling made a loud noise. There is only one outlet in a room for 4-6 people. Staff was friendly and helpful. Location and price cannot be beat. Sheets were clean, no bedbugs or anything.

Archi Rossi Hostel

Florence, Italy

This hostel runs a HUGE operation; I was bed number 80-something, to give you an idea of it. For running such a large operation, they do a great job. Expect less individual attention, and good service for a large place. They serve breakfast and dinner, and dinner is cheap (as low as 2.50 euro for a pizza or pasta or salad, served on plastic plates with plastic utensils). I didn't stay long but it's a good hostel. Nicely decorated too, except I'm not a fan of the plentiful graffiti of the "I was here in

Antico Capon

Venice, Italy

This hostel was great, and I would stay here again. Pros: GREAT location. Right in the middle of the three big neighborhoods, and less than 10 minutes walking from Piazzale Roma. Staff is friendly, and hostel is clean, room is gorgeous, and view onto the courtyard is divine. Cons: Many Italians from other cities stay at this place, and you could get a bad apple. This happened to me. After three good days there, a guy came, drinking and smoking in the room against regulations. A nightmare! He came ho

Gordon Inn

Tel Aviv, Israel

Great breakfast. Having stayed in other hostels, I can say that the breakfast here beats others in Tel Aviv by a wide margin.