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Nuova Locanda Belvedere

Venice, Italy

Room was smelling so terrible, even though it was a non-smoking room (Actually, it may not be tobacco or any smoke smell, because, I could not identify it). It was almost impossible to sleep. Shower was looking nice but it requires a little maintenance. Staff was pretty helpful. Air conditioner is a nice adventage for Venice.


That guesthouse was great. Room was nice and air con. was a big plus. Staff was also very nice and helpful. But, in the first night I had to spend in another guest house (they had an issue with bookings or room) (but, they arranged everything for me) which had similar features. This was definitely the best place of my last trip(among 5 places).


That is a nice appartment to stay. Neigborhood is a little bit dirty at night (Seems to be classical Paris). Apartment owner is a very helpful gentleman. Biggest problem is "Not having a reception". You have to meet with the owner at the decided place (A subway station, so easy to find) & at the exact time. He had a problem with his phone service so, I could not call him from my cell phone & had to call from a local phone (which was a little hard to find at night) when I arrived an hour earlier.

Cap Europe

Strasbourg, France

It is a very professional hostel. Room was pretty large. I had a problem with wifi, but, did not have much time to solve it. User account creating screan (connection procedure was different) did not pop up in my pc, ipad or cell phone. Floor was a little bit sticky, but, room was reasonably clean.

The Garden House B&B

Munich, Germany

Pretty nice and clean place to stay. Only fridge was not clean (impossible to use), but, it is just a minor thing... We had everything we needed.

Anna Guesthouse

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Anna Guesthouse is located in the new town... But, I thing it is good, because place is new, no noise while sleeping etc... And it is so easy to go to old town; 10min with bus or 30-40 min by walk... Hostel room has own bathroom, kitchenette, air conditioner and anything you may need in your stay... It was clean too... And greatest part was the hostel householder Steve... He really helps a lot :) Great place for its price...


almost perfect... could be closer to the station but still in the walk distance... probably the bast hostel around...