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Smart Russell Square Hostel

London, England

There were several nuisances when I was there, like the fact that they charge for your locker, for leaving your bagswhen you check out and for the internet (on their desktop, wi-fi is free). There were other nuisances that I'd rather not talk about A LOT, specially concerning one of my roomates - Hostels are supposed to be a place for young people to spend time for a cheap price, so how is a 60 yo VERY WEIRD indian is even allowed to stay there for months and months? I'd stay there again though.

Escambo Hostel INACTIVE

Sao Paulo, Brazil

O hostel não é ruim longe disso. Os colchões são novos, há sempre uma moça fazendo a limpeza e há um clima muito agradável. Os únicos problemas, pra mim, foram o banheiro (sempre alagado e com um espaço muito pequeno nos cubículos) e o fato de não haver aquecimento.

Borges Design Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

PULGAS! Fui atacado por pulgas neste hostel!Fiquei com os braços e costas inchados, tive que ir no hospital, porque me colocaram num quarto PODRE, o 201! Eu pedi pra trocar e levei um fora: "se você espera algo melhor, você pode ir para um hotel". E,segundo fui informado lá,NÃO FOI A PRIMEIRA VEZ QUE ISSO ACONTECEU! Faça um favor a si mesmo e evite esse pardieiro.Minha viagem foi arruinada. ____ FLEAS! I was attacked by fleas in the room 201! Avoid it! It ruined my trip! I'M STILL ON MEDICATION!

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No fueron pulgas sino "chinces de cama". Lamentablemente son un problema muy frequente en los hostels, este insecto se traslada en las maletas de los pasajeros que vienen de viajar en zonas mas selvajes y se instalan. No podemos hacer otra cosa que disculparnos con el pasajaro por el mal momento. Las medidas para solucionar el tema ya fueron tomadas ( desinfeccion especifica y cambio de camas completo). Lamentamos lo sucedido, pero no hay manera de detectar tal insecto sino solamente cuando aparecen y ya es demasiado tarde para evitar un mal momento!

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Good hostel, good breakfast, good everything. I´d go there again, surely.

Hostel Sphinx

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Well... for it´s price, it actually is a very good choice. A little bit far from the main streets, but close to the museums, so no problems about that. I would stay there again.

Alface Bairro Alto Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Fantastic hostel. A must-stay in Lisbon. Very high standards.

Rygerfjord Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

100% amazing. Nothing less than amazing.

Sentrum Hostel

Oslo, Norway

Pricy, but since you´re in Oslo, i think i doesn´t mean a lot. Very central, really close to the central station.

Alface Bairro Alto Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Amazing.Very clean,cosy, loved it.Two negative points,though:1-Male bathroom didn't have a door to the toilet,only a curtain.Staff said that it was due to the "owner's philosophy",of having things in a "cooler way".THEY COULD PUT A LARGE COURTAIN,ATTACHED TO THE WALL,WITH A ZIPER ON IT!That would be even cooler,and guests would be confortable while...pooping.Second,they didn't have lockers on the rooms.I stayed on a room with 10 more people.Lucky me they were ok!BUT I RECOMMEND!