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Khaosan Road Rainbow Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

If you're on a budget you can't go wrong with this place---it's very basic, no frills, but nothing objectionable. It was reasonably clean, staff were pleasant, location was very central. Also, my room was perfectly quiet at night---though if you're closer to the street it might not be. Note that Khaosan road is an active, party friendly area with lots of travelers. A plus for some, a negative for other. Just know what you want and you'll be fine.

Budget Inn Patricia Hotel

Vancouver, Canada

The service was top notch, really friendly and helpful staff. Within about two blocks of the hotel it seems a little rough of a neighborhood, but as a long-time city dweller it was nothing I would worry myself over. And even so, it was very centrally located, a really quick trip to nearly everything. Otherwise, it was a cheap no frills basic accommodations place, but clean and quiet - exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend this place to any like-mind traveler.

El Capitan Hotel

San Francisco, USA

I actually rather enjoyed this place, it's pretty bare bones, but the location is great, the price is right, and is has everything you'll need, I'd recommend it.