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Location: USA, Gender: Female,

Arkadas Pansiyon

Pamukkale, Turkey

Rooms are basic and clean, water temperature was slightly tepid. My 10% deposit wasn't included in the final price; therefore, I'd recommend just showing up to avoid paying it. However, the old couple running the place were absolutely sublime and so sweet, so I didn't mind so much. Just about the only time I ran back to the hotel from the bus to say bye!

ACBB Hostel Niagara

Niagara Falls, Canada

The hostel was great, and Patrick is an awesome host. Rooms were clean and comfortable; location was excellent. With the exception of the spotty Wi-Fi and a wonky shower in our corridor, everything else was great. Would highly recommend.

The Only Backpacker's Inn

Toronto, Canada

Good service; decent breakfast offerings besides the decadent waffle breakfast. Rooms were a bit cramped, but all in all, good value for the money considering it was right next to a subway stop.

Home at The Mansion

Melbourne, Australia

Staff was great and extremely helpful. The location was absolutely smack on, on the edge of the CBD as well as Fitzroy and Collingwood. The free City Circle tram was right there as well, helping save on transport. Rooms were clean, and there were ensuite bathrooms available for guests.

Exford Hotel

Melbourne, Australia

Okay, so it's NOT the cleanest. But the location is fantastic, in the CBD area. I didn't spend too much time there, but it was adequate as a place to sleep/store my stuff. Also, staff was pretty helpful. I ended up losing my key card a couple of times!! but they were pretty forgiving about it.

Sanlitun Youth Hostel

Beijing, China

No customer comment

Red Inn

Penang, Malaysia

Good location, really clean, except I saw bugs there the last day, out of a three-day stay. It's right next door to the Old Penang Guesthouse -- seems a lot of people interact between these two. Breakfast was fine, offered small add'l pastries and fruit aside from basic toast breakfast. The walls were quite thin -- noise travels well throughout the building, so if you can't put up with noise, probably not recommended.

BackHome Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Excellent location and staff was suuupper friendly. I saw them help a poor traveler who had gotten robbed/punched/hungover while I was there, offering to help him and lend him money/file a police report (hey: use your common sense - don\'t come home at 4 am drunk by yourself!). They\'ve got good security as well. CLEAN -- you can rent a blanket, but I guess it\'s muggy enough in KL that you don\'t need one..

Camels' Oasis,Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan

Excellent location and hostel was okay and clean. Taipei is kinda boring, otherwise.

Red Carabao Community

Manila, Philippines

May is absolutely the best. She takes care of absolutely all her guests, and even when I arrived at 3 am in the morning (delayed flight), she was awesome. If I ever go back to Manila, I\'d stay at Red Carabao without a doubt. It\'s clean, and there\'s a gate at night. Definitely one of my top three hostels ever. Internet and desktop usage was kinda spotty (no wi-fi), but I think May was working on that. Now... don\'t go fly into a tropical storm during rainy season like I did


Excellent location, right next to the JR Kyoto station. Clean, lockers under the bed, although I got the feeling the Backpacker\'s chain was lacking a bit in character (almost like a mass hotel chain). They let me store my stuff in the back easily.. excellent service.


Excellent on ALL counts. Pricey -- well then again, it IS Tokyo -- but the cleanest, best hostel I\'ve ever stayed at. It\'s cleaner than some hotels I\'ve been too -- only thing is the the walls can be slightly this and internet spotty at best inside the rooms.

Shanghai Koala Garden House

Shanghai, China

Clean! Location is a bit aways from the main part of Shanghai. As like most reviewers have said, it\'s like a hostel meet hostel. Internet was spotty in the room, only downstairs was it any decent (barely). Lockers are right next to the bed (locks are provided) which was uber nifty.

Bong House

Seoul, South Korea

I wouldn\'t recommend it. Bathrooms were gross. Couldn\'t wait to get out. Good location, though.