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Hostal Casa Nico

Merida, Mexico

OK so yeah. i had a private room, smelled awful. the smell went away after sometime but still. the water in the shower was always cold which I suppose was fine since it was hot in Merida. mosquitos all over. I was itching on the bus ride home. staff were helpful and nice. atmosphere was lame, Merida is kinda boring tbh. ummm no, I can't recommend it, sorry!

Hostel Vive la Vida

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

my room was a dump and humid and damp and muggy and gross! private too! anyways, the guy who worked there was nice, chill people all the time in the area, a pool that resembles a fountain without the fountain. good location, you could walk to everywhere. ummmm yea, thats about it

Hostel Quetzal

Cancun, Mexico

awesome place. good times. staff was cool, andy nicky the others yeah. private room was pretty and had a balcony. Professional Peer Pressure. Yeah i enjoyed it.

Casa Verde Limon

Valparaiso, Chile

Awesome place. I was there for like a week. Weekend vibe was cool. During the week there were lots of old people. Felt like a retirment home but they were nice. Staff was helpful and cool. Lovely place, clean, good location and yeah. Their 11 PM curfew is lame tho. Ummmm yeah, cool place!

Bellavista Hostel

Santiago, Chile

AWESOME. Yeah, good times. They have a nice cat. Awesome staff especially the girl with glasses and the guy with glasses at night (NO idea what their names are) anyways its in an awesome neighborhood. Good vibe, good time. loves it

Hostel Empedrado

Mendoza, Argentina

Awesome. Good times. Staff were really friendly and atmosphere was cool. Even free use of the laundry machine. Crepes were good, locaysh was good, near all the good stuff. Yeah, I recommend


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cool place. Not much of a scene but a simple place to stay. The elderly lady and Cuban guy were really nice so that's a plus! Internet was kinda slow and the street outside was a bit noisy but other than that it was fine. Plus you can use their washing machine for free!

El Sol Hostel de Recoleta

Buenos Aires, Argentina

awesome. cool people. nice location. no problems. good times

Backpackers INSIDE

Seoul, South Korea

yeah man cool place. awesome staff, they had a wii with smash bros. pretty good location near some good restaurants and shops. privateroom was small! but worth what i paid for sure. yeah no problems. def. recommend!

Orange Drive Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

awesome place. the staff were very kind helpful ladies and the room was clean. not a single problem! right next to hollywood! i enjoyed my stay there PLUS free parking

Adelaide Hostel and Hotel

San Francisco, USA

cool place. good events like the free pasta. free bfast is good. bed was nice, i was so exhausted. helpful staff overall good times. alrightnow

Nomads Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

cool place. not ANY vacationers like me, just long term backpackers but still cool atmosphere and cool people. theyre dry hostel rule is stupid so just party in the rooms. ummm its next to a bar/club so thats cool. yeah no problems, cool place

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Hi there, thanks for your feedback. At this time of year we get a lot of backpackers from all over the world and many enjoy their time so much they keep staying and become long termers. Thank you for pointing out that the drinking rule needs to become stricter. We hope you enjoy the rest of your travels and see you again soon. Thanks Nomads Auckland Management

Lucky Family Hostel

Beijing, China

Pretty Awesome. The staff were helpful and very kind. The other guests were cool too. Some. Nice location, kinda ghetto. PB&J Breakfast was pretty good but I always woke up too late. GREAT value for money and they help you out with tours and bike rentals. Overall AWESOME

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Okay so given my situation I had to lave early buuuuuuuuuuuuuut i have been here before and it\'s the shiza. The staff is great the rooms are great and everything is well. I give it an A+

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

Honestly, not one problem with this hostel. Very nice staff. Nice kitchen too. Chea!

Jetpak Eco Lodge

Berlin, Germany

Okay so I have been gone for a month and have seen many cities and THIS was the best hostel! The owner and his family were sooo nice and the bed was awesome. It had everything I could want/need which was an A+. The only flaw was that it was kinda in the Berlin outskirts but it was okay because it was a scenic residential area, so I liked it, DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Okay so let me say a few things first to stray away potential. VERY CHRISTIAN, VERY WEIRD GUESTS, VERY DUDE FEST, VERY STRANGE STAFF. most of the people in my room were like 30 years older than me and were a few sandwiches short of a picnic, if you know what i mean. its strange that this place was in amsterdam. it was clean, good located and good priced, but the people and its whole christianity vibe, kinda creeped me out. meh.

Peace & Love Hostel

Paris, France

I liked it. It's a little distant from the Real paris but a metro or two and you're there. VERY close tot he Nord Station so that's a plus. Bartenders were all nice and staff was cool. I liked it. It's just a steep climb if you're on the 7th floor.

Carlito's Way

Rome, Italy

I liked this place. The staff was awesome! Especially the guys with glasses (didnt know their names) but the hostel is not too shabby. The people there were cool and it was a simple walk from the train station. But yeah, good stuff, I recommened!